Sadoun: the only loser today is the Iraqi people

26.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Russia Today Mohsen Saadoun, a deputy in parliament, said phase through which Iraq is a very sensitive stage of the day .. It's post after the departure of U.S. troops. He said that all Iraqis were waiting for this day to express joy for the restoration of sovereignty and national Alatqlal of the country. But with all regret things have happened politically distanced between the political forces. As well as the steps had been taken and the lack of respect for the Constitution in many of the attitudes that led to this crisis. Thus emerged the crisis, Vice President of the Republic .. All of this led to the existence of the field of security breaches more .. He also gave a message to politicians that take responsibility for the day before it is too late. Because Iraq is based on national consensus and that the steps are for the benefit of the Iraqi people .. And that the only loser today is the Iraqi people, who pay the blood and lose everything existing rights he enjoys. Sadoun said that there is in all federal states of the democratic system and the electoral system is certainly involved in government and those who stand in opposition .. What happened in Iraq is that the election results produced a winning political force and this force formed a government of national partnership under the Convention on Arbil. Now, after more than a year and a half the situation is very difficult, as it participates in the government section of today's winners in the election of the opposition forces, while the other part constitutes the majority of political .. There is also a consensus in Parliament that he must provide a full quorum to vote on the formation of any government. Should be on the political majority to apply the Constitution and the laws and conventions in order to have a positive effect for the Iraqi people.

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