electronic cost amounted to $ 16 million. in the November 1, the Ministry of Commerce Baghdad International Fair Bdorth 38 and with the participation of 200 companies worldwide and witnessed the signing of 50 Convention on secondary, and on 9 October and approved by both Iraq and Kuwait on the creation of a market free near the port of Safwan for the promotion of trade, and in 11 of Iraq began procedures to open a port, a new border with Turkey to enhance trade between the two countries. On November 13 the government told the Iraqi company Aksen Mobil non-legal work in the Kurdistan region, and in 14 of the same month the Iraqi government announced and a sudden inability to pay the Egyptian debts amounting to $ 400 million Samn budget in 2012, with Iraq agreed in 15 of the establishment of Basrah Gas Company in partnership with Shell German and Mitsbouche Korean. On November 18, Shell announced that the production of the Majnoon field was 76 thousand barrels of oil a day, and in 23 of the same month, Iraq signed a contract funded by the European Union at a cost of 24 billion euros for the development of human capacity, and on 26 Iraq has officially informed company Aksen Mobil ban their entry into the fourth round if insists on working in Kurdistan, and in 27 of the head region Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani that he had obtained the approval of the work of al-Maliki Aksen Mobil in oil exploration sites of the province of Kurdistan. On the same day and the Ministry of Oil signed a final contract with Shell to establish a gas Basra, with a capital estimated at $ 20 billion. in a December 12 exhibition opened Baghdad for reconstruction and housing participation of 200 international and Arab companies and local, and on 23 it announced that the Kuwaiti government facilitate the entry of Iraqi traders it , on 25 Iraqi government announced that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII depends on the position of Kuwait. From: Jafar Allonan, the Open: the fulfillment Zangana