Major economic events in Iraq in 2011
26/12/2011 11:25

Baghdad, December 26 / December (Rn) - Excellence in 2011 for the year 2010 a lot of events important economic, which was the starting point for strengthening the role of Iraq, the differences of political and security challenges of the many that led to that describes the observers this year as "in crisis" has not reduced the effort of economic , as it has this year signed dozens of agreements and the opening of a number of trade fairs mission and increased volumes of trade from the previous year. in the January 9 form Iraq, a committee of the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank and the Office of Financial Supervision and the State Department to protect Iraqi funds, and in 10 of the same month Iraq has signed the Convention on the economic long-term relationship with Jordan to improve trade between the two countries, in 15 of Iraq signed with Alixtrom contract for the implementation of the rail project commentator, in 16 of the month, Security Council voted to extend immunity for Iraqi funds. In 20 of the same month, the Iraqi government began to extend oil pipeline through its territory to Syria to deliver Iranian gas to the Mediterranean, and in 23 of the month, Iraq signed an agreement with Germany to develop oil projects and fields worth $ 2 billion. in the February 1, Iraq signed an agreement with Baronk German for the development of government banks, and in 7 of signed Ministry of the Federal Communications preliminary agreement with STC Saudi Arabia to link Iraq through the system cable optical neighboring countries. March 1 / March was the Prime Minister deadline percent on the development of the economic situation and the service of the government institutions, and in 15 of the month which ended Iraq prepared by the restructuring of the development of payments in the government banks , On 24 March the Iraqi government announced it had agreed with the European Union to develop a system instruments in the government banks. in the April 5 and the Iraqi government signed the Convention for two years with Turkey for the development of factories and rehabilitation in the country, and in 7 of the same month announced that the Ministry of the Federal Trade that 50 global and territory and local participated in the exhibition's second building requirements and housing talk. On April 10, opened the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity Station Sadr invasive capacity of up to 320 Mega watts and a value of 100 million euros, 28 Iraqi government announced that the volume of trade with Turkey amounted to 12 billion dollars. On 13 May / May have agreed the Ministry of Electricity with the Iranian Oil Ministry to import 25 million cubic meters of natural gas to generate 2500 megawatts of electricity, and on 17 have agreed the Iraqi Oil Ministry with the South Korean government to provide the crude oil export of 166 thousand barrels per day to 250 thousand barrels per day. 23 of the month, Kuwait to freeze the assets of Iraqi Airways in Jordan, and in 29 of the solution of Iraq issue freeze the funds of Jordan by the freezing of Kuwait for the balances of Iraqi Airways. in the June 6 struck the Iraqi Oil Ministry two finalists with the oil company Turkey, the Company and Kuwait Energy Kuwait, the company Kocaz Korea, to develop the fields Sebe and Mansuriyah invading in the third round of licenses after approval of the Council of Ministers on the initial contract. On June 12, Washington announced afford the protection of Iraqi funds, in Iraq have agreed in the 17th with Turkey to establish a company Skkih common between them, and in 21 of the same month announced the Federal Ministry of Transport said it had agreed with France to develop the country's airports and processed with modern equipment. In 26 of the same month agreed to the Ministry of Transport with France to develop the line railway in the country according to the payment on credit, and in 29 of the same month The Ministry of Planning and Development has allocated $ 500 million to build housing complexes for low income people within the Chtha to alleviate poverty in the country. on July 1 and signed the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity signed a contract with any ECG Iranian extend the gas pipeline worth $ 365 million, and on 2 of the month meanwhile, decided that the Ministry of Communications entry communications system to accommodate 400 thousand line of light of coordinating with international companies, and in 3 of the same month entered into the Ministry of Science and Altklnoggio agreement for a period of 5 years and worth $ 256 billion with Iran to develop technical projects and Altklnoggio in the country. On 6 July and signed a Media Commission and communications contract with Eskom Swedish $ 800 thousand euros to import 8 devices electronic check mobile phone service, and in 8 of the same month completed the Iraqi Finance Ministry final accounts for the years 2008 and 2009. In 23 of the same month announced the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy said Iraq had agreed to draft of the Chinese company the global charge of the development of Ahdab to increase production to 200 thousand barrels, and on 24 it decided the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation stop the entry of merchandise is licensed by the foreign companies that Iraq contracted with them to inspect the goods in the countries of origin, as agreed and the Iraqi Ministry of Industry on July 28 with Ministry of Industry and Minerals Algiuah to invest the company's General Steel. On 2 August / August completed the final designs for the refinery in Karbala oil, was signed a memorandum of understanding with the company's investment Italy for six months of the completion of financing and providing technical personnel to start work on a refinery in Karbala, and in 7 of the form of Iraq a technical committee to discuss the damage to the port of Mubarak on Iraqi ports, while the declared Iraqi oil on the 14 of the 41 companies worldwide involved in the licensing round four. On 20 August, Ministry of Finance announced it has completed the final accounts for 2010 to all ministries and government bodies, and in 22 of the month, announced the Ministry of Transport The Jordanian government has officially agreed to extend the plans Skki from the port of Aqaba to the Iraqi border, and on 30 it entered the 16 companies Italian to work in the field of housing through the payment term. in the September 11, the Ministry of Municipalities formal licensing round, the fourth with the participation of 44 international companies, in 14 of the same month, the Iraqi government announced that the level of trade between Iraq and Kuwait dropped to $ 100 million due to a port of Mubarak. in 15 of the same month revealed the Council of Ministers of Iraq's debt in accordance with the Paris Club amounted to $ 23 billion, while launched the National Investment Commission on 17 from the registry on the project Basmajh residential south of Baghdad, which contains over a million units. On 23 September and signed the Ministry of Communications with Alixtrom global contract worth $ 9 million to implement the project the gates of power electronics, and in 28 of the same month and agreed to the Iraqi government to develop the field of crutch of by a company Kocaz Korean, and in the same day announced the Federal Ministry of Transport for the allocation of 95 million euros to build the port of Faw initial phase in 2012. in the October 1 agreed to the Ministry of Oil with Italy's ENI to raise the level of oil production in the Zubair oil field to 1.0002 million thousand barrels and the production of the field with a time about 227 000 barrels per day, 4 of which Ministry has decided to Alinvtt View Generation Msfian in the provinces of Karbala, Maysan up their energy productivity to 290 thousand b / d, the same day agreed to the Ministry of Transport with the company and the stricken Park Iranian rehabilitation system the railway. On October 8 announced the Iraqi Central Bank, the IMF agreed to a policy of Iraq's cash, and in 9 of the same month began the Baghdad Provincial Council to create the first industrial city $ 250 million in the Nahrawan area south of Baghdad, while the telecommunications ministry said on 11 him about the completion of the project the gates of power electronic cost amounted to $ 16 million.