Spokesman: House of Representatives may come back during its next two days
Saturday 24 December 2011

Baghdad / babysit - justified the spokesman of the Office of the President of the House of Representatives to postpone Aidan Hakso emergency session of parliament was due to difficulty of access blocks and heads of its members after a series of explosions.
The Hakso told (radio public opinion) on Saturday: "The bloody blasts, which affected many areas of Baghdad led to the postponement of the parliamentary session, the emergency called for the Speaker Nujaifi." Noting that the bombings made it difficult for many of the leaders political blocs and members of Parliament to come to the hearing from the provinces to Baghdad. "

He Hakso: "The lack of the presence of any political party and its successor on the meeting can not achieve success and achieve the purpose of the hearing." Indicating that the Presidency has decided to postpone the hearing to a short period and may be held within the next two days. "Denying at the same time be Call the National Alliance for the list of Iraq to reverse its decision to suspend parliament sessions to attend to the cause of delay in convening this meeting. "adding that political differences should not affect the life of the citizen does not care about the blood that was shed."