National Alliance initiate movements on the political blocs

BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai - Shaima Rashid
Proceed to the Higher Committee formed by the priority of the National Alliance meetings with other political blocs within 48 hours.
A spokesman for the National Alliance Sheikh Humaid Malp: that
"a majority government one of the options, but did not provide formal." He added Malp in a statement to the "morning", "We are facing a number of options, one of them form a majority government and the other back to the early elections , but we strive to resolving the crisis. "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a recent press conference:" The government of the majority did not come up yet, but it is an option, noting that if the formation of this government, it will include partners who believe in the political process " . He Malp that the Higher Committee formed by the coalition and includes members from the components of the alliance all begin their meetings with the other blocs middle of this week, noting that he was supposed to start the meetings today, but travel speaker Osama Najafi to the Kurdistan region led to the postponement of the meeting to the mid-week this. He continued: "The committee will hold intensive meetings and discussions for resolving the current crisis," explaining that "the meetings will talk about consensus in the framework of the Constitution and the law." And tipped the political sources that are advertised secret agreements during the national conference next political blocs, pointing out that "the conference to be held these forces will discuss things methodology are not confined to debates matters or detailed issues, "noting that the conference will examine a number of differences and the problems that led to the emergence of the crisis, including the problem posed by the Iraqi List."

For his part, MP Abbas al-Bayati said the "majority government if the It is resorted to an emergency landing, not a choice taken it. "Bayati added: "We will not resort to majority government, but in the event of our inability to persuade others in harmony in the government of national partnership and have an active and positive role in this government. "