Q: How can I find out about the dial-in Conference Calls?

A: Announcements are now sent out in email blasts. Be sure to sign up for our Dinar Updates Currency Exchange mailing list on the blog or observer, see links below!

We sometimes have spontaneous calls, announced in (and for) chat room participants. The only way to know about these calls is to be present in the chat room as they are not advertised and often not recorded! It's a little 'family perk'.

If you are reading our chat log (see link below) you might happen across advance notice in one of the posts. BGG gives us a little heads up most times. Not always.

Q: I see announcements for Straight Talk Radio Streaming Call. I'm supposed to click on a banner but I can't find one. HELP?

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A: Look for the blue banner boxes along the right side of the BLOG and the Observer. You can get to those sites by simply adding /blog or /observer to our site URL like this:


I hope this helps! You can always visit our chat room and ask our seasoned members for help--it's a friendly group and if you haven't visited yet we'd love to have you. C'mon in!