Parliament calls for the application of tariff law

Nasiriyah - Hazem Mohamed Habib
The member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul-Hussein Resan to the need to apply the tariff law to support the local product, confirming that the application does not lead to increased food prices in local markets. The Resan told the "morning": that there is a package of laws that have been legislation by the House of Representatives in the previous period have not been applied so far, including the tariff law, consumer protection, the national product and other laws that support the economy and the local product. He added that the food is covered by the tariff, so the application of this law does not lead to an increase prices in local markets, stressing the need to apply the law at the present time because of its positive results in support of the local industry and the citizen by getting on the item of a high international standards. The Resan that most of the goods currently displayed in the local markets of poor quality, and consume a period of life shorter, indicating that this law when it was amended by the House recently authorized the Council of Ministers set a date for the application of the law, calling on the government's commitment to a definite time for the application of this law because of its great importance to the Iraqi economy and local industry.