Security Committee will meet soon in the parliament to discuss the deteriorating security situation
22/12/2011 21:25
BAGHDAD - Alaa Hassan

A member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary governor Zamili "Radio Sawa" The committee will hold a meeting to discuss the security situation against the backdrop of a series of bombings in Baghdad Thursday.
He added that the Zamili security authorities aware of the existence of dormant cells, and politicians who support terrorism and the existence of violations within the hardware and infiltrated the military ranks high.
He ruled out Zamili inability of Iraqi forces for the management of the security file, pointing to the determination of his committee to take its supervisory role in ensuring the construction of the security establishment on the basis of incorrect,
The capital Baghdad on Thursday, a series of bombings that have killed and hundreds injured
as a result of the widening dispute between the parties involved in the government, which entered its second year without the selection of candidates to fill the positions of the security ministries.