A statement from the Office of House Speaker
21-12-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

O sons of the Iraqi people patient injury
Dear brothers, partners in the government and the House of Representatives

In these difficult days of the date of Iraq, where the head hearts locked to the neighborhood Gayoom faith sincere liquid him Almighty Jalil satisfaction and dear grace that is common love and peace and happiness, compassion, advice and intentions white and we live in a climate of the U.S. withdrawal and resist the repercussions and implications of regional developments, and some of Iraq's neighboring countries.
These days, much to the challenges and our beloved country and increasingly fierce and dangerous from the outside and inside together, operate Abusers blacks and people with intentions to spread division among us to transform the nation and one people to the peoples of Mtnabzh Baltharat and revenge.
With the escalation of the desire of the symbols and sincere prayers stones, and good intentions to introduce more initiatives and charters of national harmony in order to devote a true partnership and consolidation of national reconciliation, brought us the folds of the confessions that appeared on the TV screen of Iraq to some of the protections of the Vice-President Tareq al-Hashemi scenario, the tendency is clear about a rumor uncertainties and suspicion among us, and printed the letter of the hallmarks of explicit sectarian and promotion, which left the results of the effects of a deep impact on the hearts of people and different ethnic groups; and painted Mlahmha undermining and questioning and clear of judicial independence and prestige.
And put a command such as this calls for an investigation to a fair and professional, transparent and objective examination and discussion is very important with the need to form a joint committee representing all blocs and political actors to oversee the stages of the investigation.

O great people
The rule of President Nujaifi invites you through the constitutional responsibility as chairman of the House of Representatives, calling for sincere to renounce Althazz ethnic, sectarian and bury any path involves the concept of hostility or revenge what, stay away from everything that calls for hatred in any affairs of life, as a national cohesion is the main base to build the present and the future of this country.
And also invites you to get out of Altqoukat partisan, factional, sectarian and ethnic groups and cultures to the fractional space of one nation and one people.
It also calls for the rule of President Nujaifi political blocs to confirm its full support for a national conference a year at a time when the political process and the violent shocks of earthquakes are not serious undesirable consequences.
In conclusion ..
We ask God's living and subsisting in the hands of the Iraqis to take us all to the borders of freedom, independence and full sovereignty, security and peace, prosperity and stability.
May peace and God's mercy and blessings
Office of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

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