Maliki, Iraqi and recommended the provision of new ministers, in the absence of Minister to resume their work within ten days
On: Tue 12/20/2011 19:11

Baghdad (news) .. A source close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for his request during the meeting of the Cabinet meeting today to propose new ministers from the Iraqi List, within ten days if not directly by the Ministry Aerafah their work according to law.
The source (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: that al-Maliki told the other ministers inform the Iraqi List, the nomination of new ministers, if not to resume their work within ten days.
The source explained: that Maliki was based on the Civil Servants Act, which refers to considering the employee with any degree and career were, separated from his work in his absence for a period of ten days from the date of disconnection from work, without introducing public holiday Auadhir illegal.
and between the source: that al-Maliki stressed the need to provide the names by the Iraqi List, as electoral entitlement to the list.
This suspended the Iraqi List, his works and ministers in the Council of Ministers, attended the Council meeting today and Industry Minister Ahmed Karbouli.