Talabani calls to avoid a flurry of media on sensitive issues
On: Tue 12/20/2011 13:13

Baghdad / term
issued late yesterday evening, President Jalal Talabani's statement, which explain the position of the Chair of the actions taken by the security forces to protect against the deputy Tareq al-Hashemi, and the arrest warrant issued by the judiciary against the latter. The statement has been received (range) a copy of that "in light of developments seemed fast, busy President Jalal Talabani, what should be done in the light of his constitutional responsibilities, national

About something the Iraqis arrested a number of individuals to protect Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, and other news talked about the issuance of an arrest warrant against Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi and a number of protection and management of his office, even without the consultation and collaboration with the president. "
The statement continued " recognition of the President of the seriousness and sensitivity of such developments has carried the President a number of rapid communications with the various parties to the judicial and parliamentary, governmental and partisan, stressing the importance of respect for the work and allocate the Iraqi judiciary and trust, non-interference in its affairs by the lack of appeal of its decisions on the other .. He also emphasized the special nature of such news and sensitivity in the current circumstances undergone by the country and the course of the ongoing political process in which the importance of consultation and work together to address the problems. "
The statement added, "In light of all this President to work calmly and quietly and away from what makes it leak information from the stir and noise and confusion of things is one of the most important thing to be bound by it and agreed to get out of this situation in order to preserve the right of the judiciary and the fairness of the investigation and also preserves the political stability required in our condition now more than any stage we went through. It is worth mentioning that the President received the support and approval from everyone. "
and added, "Monday, 19/12/2011 Monday surprised President introduced the testimony of a number of employees of the protection of the Vice President as well as the announcement of an arrest warrant against Tareq al-Hashemi .. Where these procedures and advertised in this way and time are outside of what was agreed upon in the light of the contacts the president of various parties during the past two days, especially as it regards the Vice President of the Republic, which affects directly the Centre presidency and the prestige and status. "

The presidential statement
"from the constitutional responsibility and national President of the Republic, it reaffirms the various parties to exercise utmost sense of responsibility and discipline and the tendency to statements that are inconsistent with the need to leave work for the judiciary to take a range of necessary on the one hand, and to provide the proper environment of the second aspect of the work of political calm and stable, which guarantees not to endanger the country and its operation political damage to any side in this difficult time .. And not all of this but to work in a spirit of solidarity to achieve justice and to ensure the safety of the political situation and security of the society, especially the development related to building the national political such a development requires above all the participation of all the work and decisions and to ensure full independence of the judiciary and non-interference in its affairs and procedures, while not ignoring the political solution of the issues in dispute and not to disturb the wedding and hasty evacuation of the decisions announced in the media, which holds the right policy solutions and desired at this sensitive stage of the date of the Federal Democratic Iraqna independent. "