In the first reaction to the arrest of al-Hashemi .... Maliki: Iraqi blood intersects with the political agreements
Monday, January 19 / 1 December 2011 22:35

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates stressed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki can not be tolerated in a file security in Iraq can not talk about it and, referring to the detention of Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on terrorism charges. Maliki said in a press statement that "Security is not a compliment and blood inevitably intersects with politics and everything can talk about him, but security." He said al-Maliki said Iraqi independence of the judiciary "can not interfere with the functioning of justice no matter who proved involved acts of violence." He added, "when there is information that substantiated the judiciary and believe is to take action."

The Iraqi judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for al-Hashemi on terrorism charges, just hours after a previous one prevented him from traveling and in conjunction with the presentation of Confessions of a number of members on the protection of Hashemi conduct terrorist operations.

He announced the official spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior just Daham during a press conference held Msaoualeom that the Authority issue the appropriate investigative quintet Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi issued an arrest warrant against him in accordance with Article IV relating to combating terrorism.
Daham and display during the conference confessions number of members of al-Hashemi said the protection they had received direct instructions from al-Hashemi, secretary, and the husband of his daughter, named Ahmad Qahtan to carry out assassinations and killings in Baghdad. He pointed out that one of the accused in collaboration with two of the protection they receive Hashemi improvised explosive devices and guns silenced one of the houses of al-Hashemi in Baghdad to carry out terrorist financial rewards of peer-Hashimi after implementation.