December 19, 2011 - 11:21 p.m.
Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for the Vice President of the Republic

Agency "AFP", citing a senior source in the Iraqi justice that a judicial body on Monday evening issued a five-December 19 arrest warrant against Tareq al-Hashemi, Iraqi Vice President on charges of supporting terrorism. It quoted a source as saying that "the judicial authority issued a five-evening, an arrest warrant for al-Hashemi, according to Article 4 terrorism." The television channel said the "Iraqi" government in the news of an urgent issue a note.
According to a statement issued earlier today by the Office of Tareq al-Hashemi Hashemi, said that barring a plane to take off at the airport in Baghdad because of suspicions of involvement in the financing of terrorism is "a deliberate trade-off," he said in a statement that he was strengthened by the government military force surrounded the residence Hashemi. He said in the statement reported by the independent press Iraqi text plane, Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who had intended to travel along with Khodair al the other Vice President of the Republic to the city of Sulaimaniya, to attend a meeting of the Presidency, there was a delay take-off on Sunday evening for 3 hours, as opposed military parade Hashemi and arrested 3 officers of his guards. And point out that the three officers were still in detention.
It is reported that Iraqi Vice President arrived in Sulaymaniyah last night after a delay off his plane.
This was the news talking about the issuance of an arrest warrant on charges of involvement Tareq al-Hashemi in the financing of terrorist operations since Saturday. The media reported that the tanks surrounded the homes of some of the leading al-Hashemi, the Iraqi List, in the Green Zone in Baghdad.
On the other hand move the location of the newspaper "Baghdad" of the National Accord Movement belonging to the Iraqi List headed by Iyad Allawi on Sunday, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, saying that he has not made any arrest warrant for al-Hashemi until that time, and that what was in the news in this regard has no basis in of Health.
In this context, the political analyst, said Aziz Jabr Vest in a telephone channel "Russia Today" that the indictment of Vice President and some members of his guards of being involved in terrorist acts indicates that the escalation of internal political differences in the country. He noted the need to move forward with regard to consider the issue of al-Hashemi in order not to receive this issue to see the shadow people to the Iraqi judiciary, noting that there are serious questions addressed to the judiciary need to be answered. He said the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the country began to lose confidence in them.