Iraq start revealing interviews with parliamentary powers to change the map of political alliances
19/12/2011 14:44

Baghdad, December 19 (AKnews) - The Iraqi List, Monday announced their intention to start a political dialogues with the main parliamentary forces in order to change the map of political alliances, and to move toward the no-confidence in the current government and form a majority government policy.

The Iraqi List, has decided to suspend its participation in the meetings of the House of Representatives, and called for parliamentary blocs to table an urgent dialogue because of what it says is the "uniqueness of al-Maliki in power."

The leader of the coalition in Iraq Talal Zobaie told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that"the Iraqi plan to start dialogues extensive with the powers, the parliamentary order to change the map of political alliances and no confidence in the current government that has failed to embody the political agreements signed in Erbil, and move towards forming a majority government political ".

"The Iraqi tend to find radical solutions to the political crisis and the current embodiment of the concept of partnership in national decision-making and overcome the problems that fabricated by the present government did not comply with the terms of agreement with most of Arbil."

The Iraqi had accused the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's procrastination in the implementation of Erbil, which paved the way for the formation of the government / The most prominent items forming the Council for the strategic policy led coalition, the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, and to balance the constitutional institutions of the state.

In this regard, MP said the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi (Rn) "does not have a dialogue of this kind at the present time, but there are ideas may grow in light of current political differences to move toward changing the political alliances and to move towards forming a majority government policy."

He added: "We can not go back to square one, and it is reasonable to share the Iraqi government and attack constantly and play the role of the opposition against it, so the option of the political majority may be one of the options in the event went coalition in Iraq to withdraw his ministers from the government to prevent the impact on government performance and distance by from political differences. "

The coalition and Iraqi face on Sunday, official letters to all parliamentary blocs, inviting them to sit for dialogue table to discuss the demands of the Iraqi identified ten points, notably expanding the powers of the provinces, and to stop arbitrary arrests and respect for the Constitution.

For his part, refused the Kurdistan coalition forces to move toward political majority government, and expressed his commitment to the government of national partnership and resolve outstanding issues between the major powers.

The MP said the Kurdistan Hamid Buffy's (Rn) "can not marginalize the component at the present stage under the pretext of the political majority, the situation is not ready at present to implement such ideas, it is wise to turn to dialogue and do the concept of national partnership through a variety current government."

It also refused to block a "citizen" of the Council of the Islamic Supreme, one of the components of the National Alliance, to move towards forming a majority government political leader of the bloc Abdul-Hussein Abtan (Rn) that "Iraq is a key ingredient of the components of Iraqi society, and can not marginalize the participation of this component , so it will never accept those ideas, although we believe that the majority of the political one successful solutions for Democratic Action. "