The United States officially complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq
PUKmedia for Reuters 18/12/2011 09:36:42

Crossed the last convoy of U.S. troops from Iraq border to Kuwait on Sunday, ending a formal withdrawal of U.S. forces after nearly nine years of war and military intervention against the dictatorial regime and the liberation of Iraq. And walked the last column the author of about 100 U.S. military armored vehicle carrying 500 troops across the U.S. southern desert of Iraq during the night along the main road is free to the Kuwaiti border.

Said Sergeant Christian Schultz before leaving the base Turn the emergency operations, located 300 km south of Baghdad to the border, "It is good to see this thing end. I was here when it started, I saw a lot of good things and a lot of progress and a lot of bad things too."

For President Barack Obama, this was a complete military withdrawal of a promise to bring the soldiers home from the conflict and inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush.