See someone who deserves a promotion? Tell us here! :)
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Thread: See someone who deserves a promotion? Tell us here! :)

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    See someone who deserves a promotion? Tell us here! :)

    Hey Updaters!!

    We are always on the lookout for members who deserve a promotion.

    If you see someone who has a great attitude and does a great job contributing, let us know here!

    Just click Reply, give us a name, and tell us why you think they should be promoted. It's time to give more of these helpful members a pat on the back.
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    I would like to nominate LLN65 she is great with the people and is always jumping in to copy chat. She is amazing. thanks for your consideration.

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    I love Chattels insight, and outlook on this... Discerns the news, but realizes that God is ultimately in control of this event... No matter what anyone else does... BGG is like a rudder on a ship... Making sure this site stays the coarse... Poppy3's enthusiasm is uplifting... The wind in the sails so to speak... Red Lily is the enforcer... If we could only get her a plane ticket to Baghdad... This would have been done years ago...
    Love it 2 and her insight... Simply beautiful to see a young lady at her age concerned about the things of God... Swan2013 is another I love to read... Her comments are also filled with wisdom, and prudence... Nukem's verse's are so inspiring to read at the beginning of the chat log...
    There are others like Mona Lisa, LLN65, Magnetlady, and the list goes on who make this site the best... Everyone working in sync with one another, encouraging, gracious, kind, funny... Making this site the most balanced... Those that provide insight on chat are infectious... You cannot help but want everyone's lives to be filled with joy... Even for the brief time frame that this RV will bring to those who have invested... Knowing that the majority, if not all on this site, will do all they can to help their fellow man for the glory of God... We cannot take it with us... But we can certainly do what believers did during the 1st century AD... Share with those who are in need... Realizing that ultimately all that we possess, including our lives, belong to God Almighty...
    Blessings to all, and go RV...

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    Re: See someone who deserves a promotion? Tell us here! :)

    There are 3 individuals that deserve to be recognized, wmawhite, papatom, and CantWait2RV always bring in great news and/or insights and have a positive impact on the chat. Even when they have an opposing viewpoint with some information that someone brings in I have only witnessed
    them respond in a civil respectfully tone.

    respectfully submitted,


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    Re: See someone who deserves a promotion? Tell us here! :)

    Loop, you can put yourself on that list also, thanks for all you do for DU....

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