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    E-Law No. (97) for the year 1973
    in Federal Telecommunications

    Type of Law: Law

    Date Issued: 10 Sep 1973

    Date Published: 26 Aug 1973

    Status: In force

    Behalf of the people

    Revolution Command Council

    According to the provisions of paragraph (a) of Article 2 and forty of the interim constitution.

    Based on the approval of the President of the Republic on the proposal of the Minister of Transport.

    Revolutionary Command Council decided at its meeting on 26 - 8 - 1973.


    Article 1

    Intended, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings towards them:

    1 - The Ministry: The Ministry of Transport.

    2 - The Minister: The Minister of Transportation

    3 - interest: the interest ofpost, telegraph and telephone.

    4 - Council: The Board of Directors stipulated in the interest of law No. 81 of 1963, as amended, or any law replace it.

    5 - General Manager: Director General of the interest.

    6 - E-bag: Each pot used by stakeholders or the Postal Service to save the postal items during transportation by mail, whether a mailing containing a substance or content of.

    7 - postal taxi: Aajurri or drawing to be met in order to meet the postal services provided by stakeholders.

    8 - stamp: each character by promising to be used against the interest postal wages, or Asdh, Msdh.

    9 - Postal Service: Each building or house or building or part thereof, or a room or vehicle or fund or replace taken interest for e-services.

    10 - postal Article: materials include mail letters and postcards, prints and literature for the blind and small packets, parcels or anything that can be transferred by mail.

    11 - Customs: Is the payment of wages due or assessments on the article either mailing postcard stamps affixed to the cover or paid in cash circle mail or seals clearance areas of use of metaphor interest.

    12 - Employee: Each employee or agent appointed to carry out interest postcard in the mail circles.

    13 - mode of transport: Each mode used to transport airmail, land and sea receipt and delivery of postal article.

    Article 2

    - The postal article in the transport stage by mail while depositing them to the Postal Service until delivered to the consignee or returned to the sender or disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this law.

    B - The delivery of postal material of any kind to the employee or any other person authorized to do so on behalf of the interest as if handed over to the Postal Service. C - The article Mailing Muslim to the consignee itself if delivered at home or in a place he quit or to Anyone who is as usual authorized by him to receive postal article.

    C - The article Mailing Muslim to the consignee itself if delivered at home or in a place he quit or to any person considered as usual authorized by him to receive postal article.

    E-monopoly and transferred

    Article 3

    1 - is limited to the transfer of postal items interest in all parts of the Republic of Iraq by mail and the various means of transport and determined by the methods, except in the following cases:

    - Correspondence sent to places not covered by the postal services.

    B - correspondence sent with a special friend delivers them while traveling to the person against him without wages or benefit to meet transferred or delivered.

    C - private correspondence affairs consignor or consignee with a special messenger.

    D - credentials held by individuals and private correspondence listed in goods and money without taking a taxi or to meet benefit received or transferred or delivered.

    E - Private Securities manned Transporter works on invested line.

    2 - No person shall that combines correspondence to the order sent by non-mode mail, except as provided in this article.

    Violations of the postal monopoly

    Article 4

    Is contrary to the provisions of this Act, the following persons mentioned collecting for their mailings transferred or delivered, even without remuneration or benefit in any shop founded the postal transportation within the Republic of Iraq:

    1 - practiced right الانحصار referred to in Article III of this Act without the authorization of interest.

    2 - any employee or agent of a ship or aircraft or any vehicle retain him of mailing materials and deliver upon arrival to the nearest Postal Service.

    3 - undertakes the carriage of passengers, cargo and his aides and agents with the exception of correspondence and papers relevant goods and money in their vehicles only.

    4 - sends a postcard containing correspondence on other correspondence addressed to the person or persons other than sending him or living with him.

    5 - put inside postal correspondence or publications or other parcels in order to evade the wages or postage due on this correspondence.

    Secret mailings

    Article 5

    1 - confidentiality guaranteed mailings may not be detectable, but to the imperatives of justice and security, or in the following circumstances:

    - Postal items which decided neglected in accordance with instructions issued by the Minister.

    B - postal items reserved a decision of the competent authorities.

    C - in other cases in which authorizes any other law to see the contents of postal items.

    2 - may not set postal items and arrested delivered only at the request of the competent authorities vested in law and on those authorities if they broke up the materials that indicate that it broke up on their own and bring them back after exhausting the purpose for seized that did not confiscate or book a decision.

    Materials mail letters and parcels

    Article 6

    1 - Studying messages from the mail:

    - Messages

    Include all securities handwritten and printed that have a relation to the consignee recipe Instant current PC or can be played in his place, and impose fees and charges for messages on all that stuff wrapped in can not verify its contents without tearing or damaging the cover that it contains.

    B - postcard

    Are reinforced with paper (card) is thin right half of her face at least write the address of the consignee for customs and decal interest and leaves the left side of her face and her back to the disposal of the sender and cool postcard exposed and without belt or casing.

    C - Publications

    Include newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets, music, maps or any other publication is not his personal recipe Instant does not apply the provisions of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Article.

    D - the writings of the blind

    Is a prominent publications for the use of the blind copied and printed messages for the Blind and clichés and custom audio recordings for the blind and sent by the Institute or the officially recognized and cool prints blind pools.

    E - small packets or Caddy (Allbeckitat)

    Each tray (Beckett) does not exceed weighing one kilogram does not apply the provisions of paragraph (a) of this Article that the small package wrapped in a way able to see the contents easily.

    - Parcels

    Each baguettes or package or tray (Beckett) or bag containing the goods and things do not have the status of messages and beyond weighing one kilogram each class of these items if golf or sheave is impossible to see the contents without opening the cover opened a clear impact and send all airmail parcel.

    2 - issued special instructions stakeholders accept the terms and packaging, weights and dimensions of all postal items mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs in this article and declare this FAQ Balsagaha in prominent places of the e-services.

    Shipping wages

    Article 7

    Wages Council shall appoint internal and external notifications and the way they meet state postal service and change of these wages whenever necessary, and has to decide on the application of the internal postal wages of postal items sent the diameters of the Arab Postal Union and other countries according to the agreement that is about it.

    Article 8

    1 - collected wages prescribed by postal stamps issued by the stakeholders and the stamps affixed on material-mail notifications when deposited.

    2 - It is permissible for the benefit of the use of a special seal clearance indicates wages are met for materials, which are filed by mail instead of postage stamps in this case met the value of wages in cash for these materials.

    3 - The interest may use or authorize others to use special machines clearance of postal items in accordance with instructions issued for this purpose.

    Clearance of postal items missing

    Article 9

    1 - If you received a mailing materials to Iraq marked to indicate a lack of wages established in the country or transmitter non rid Vmsalehh collectability or shortage of cabs consignee.

    2 - If the postal items from Iraq to the outside taxi may Ibrdt incomplete or insincere, Vmsalehh the right to meet their cabs from the sender or that issued in accordance with the Universal Postal Union Convention.

    3 - If the material is incomplete internal mailing taxi or insincere meets about twice the amount of shortage or taxi from the consignee or consignor, except messages circles official and semi-official Festuvy including the amount of shortage or taxis only.

    Article 10

    1 - the consignee is required once received article Mailing pay what it deserved of mailing a taxi or any other amount of duty to be met under this Act or any other law that is no longer material off mailing without opening them.

    2 - If the postal article can not be delivered to the consignee or can not collect wages and dues from the sender pay expensive.

    3 - If Declined addressee and the sender for pay Shipping taxis due on the postal article or any other amount owed amount is met them under the law of the collection of debts owed to the government.

    4 - The Director-General or his nominee to prevent the delivery of any material other than the postal official communications mentioned in paragraph (3) of this Article to be paid the amount due or meets the image contained in the said paragraph.

    5 - enough to prove refuse receiving postal article or the death of the consignee or not to be found competent employee E-installed indicating that unless evidence otherwise.

    6 - is one of the postal article indicates it featured him sending her unless evidence to the contrary.

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    Registration of newspapers and magazines

    Article 11

    1 - The Director-General to issue instructions for the registration of newspapers and periodicals, books cooled by printers and publishers.

    2 - required in the registration of newspapers, magazines and bulletins issued in the preparation of regular patrol.

    3 - deal extra Bulletin or newspaper or magazine extension treatment itself Gazette.

    Exemptions from wages

    Article 12

    The following postal items are exempt from wages newsletter:

    1 - the official correspondence of the interest to individuals and organizations, associations and companies, ministries and official institutions, the semi-official and all other entities within the borders of the Republic of Iraq.

    2 - correspondence mentioned in the documents of the Universal Postal Union and the Arab Postal Union Kamraslat exempt from postal wages external or internal.

    Postage stamps

    Article 13

    Council issued the following instructions:

    1 - Setting the rules for issuing postage stamps and determine the categories and types and their descriptions.

    3 - Adoption of issuing postage stamps and commemorative volumes in national events, national, religious and international markets.

    3 - Set rules and regulations by issuing messages air Mazrovh and mailing cards and Covers exclusive taxi.

    4 - FAQ for the granting of licenses sale stamps and Amoltha.

    5 - open civil postal agencies in any location within the Republic of Iraq.


    Article 14

    May not be sent by mail or letters or parcels within any material Order as follows: -

    1 - things that by their nature or packaging may result in danger to staff or may contaminate or damage other postal items or postal equipment or impeding the implementation of the postal service.

    2 - public and narcotic substances, with the exception of medical materials sent to and from the competent authorities and authorized bodies officially recognized.

    3 - live animals, except as follows:

    - Bees and Dodd cupping and silkworms.

    B - parasites and harmful pesticides which are intended by sending control or eradication of insects and exchanged between the institutes or bodies officially recognized.

    4 - explosive materials, flammable or other hazardous materials.

    5 - radioactive material, unless it prepares and encapsulate They should not sent from persons or entities authorized by the official authorities.

    6 - stuff indecent and contrary to morality.

    7 - things banned imported or exported or sold within Iraq.

    8 - other things that decide the competent government agencies to prevent sent by mail.

    Recovery and correct or amend Title

    Article 15

    1 - the sender of any material mailing to ask recovered and corrects or modifies entitled as long as not delivered to the consignee.

    2 - The Director-General to issue instructions on how to retrieve the postal items, modify and correct their titles.

    3 - exempt from stamp duty Financial:

    - Queries and requests for notification of all letters and parcels and remittances unpaid and extradition requests in the residence and engage in or to someone else. And requests for materials recovery of chilled and correct mailing address or keep them in postal circles. And all complaints and credentials catch remittances.

    B - receipts for various transactions postage

    Delivery of postal items

    Article 16

    The Director General to issue instructions on:

    1 - the distribution and delivery of postal items to the consignee or returned to the sender.

    2 - cases where the delivery is residence or engaging.

    3 - conditions that need to be the owners of the buildings erected private mailboxes or floors of apartments or offices to accommodate postal items entitled to guests of these buildings and the buildings.

    4 - How to set up and rental mailboxes for individuals and government departments, institutions and companies and the appointment of a rent and the amount of wages.

    Article 17

    1 - You do not have to distributors or staff-mail to board-storey buildings for filing or delivery of correspondence is registered to their owners.

    2 - The Secretariat of the capital and municipalities not to grant licenses to build multi-storey buildings if not allocated in the construction planning mailboxes shop in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director-General.

    3 - for the benefit of requests from official circles and semi-official institutions, corporations and other receiving materials postal Postal Service directly send their delegates or their agents or معتمديها according to conditions set by the instructions set forth in paragraph (2) of Article XVI of the Act.

    Investment for advertising and mail transport

    Article 18

    1 - It is permissible to exploit interest publications and communications tools and their buildings Shipping Chaababeckha for the purposes of commercial advertising in favor of those required to meet the wages determined by the instructions issued by the Director General.

    2 - may be of interest to do what is stated in paragraph (1) of this article for free if they are a national public interest, national or humanitarian.

    3 - for the benefit of that invests its cars or other vehicles designed to transport mail in the transport of persons or goods on line mail that the transfer does not affect the safety of postal items.

    Secured and recorded material and the converter worth

    Article 19

    Send postal items are ordinary or registered or guaranteed or adapter by value and are weights and dimensions and packaging requirements and acceptance in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director-General in accordance with the provisions of this law.

    Registration of postal items

    Article 20

    1 - the sender postal article who wishes to send them by registered mail that recorded in the Postal Service in accordance with the provisions of this law to meet arrived including paid in advance in accordance with the applicable tariff wages on the registry.


    2 - paid in advance in cash wages and mailing the registration fee and fee and security fee acknowledgment for all materials registered بالصاق the stamps on the face of the cover article or clearance by other means.

    3 - registration is mandatory in the following cases:

    - Parcel.

    B - Secured materials.

    C - materials converter value.

    D - messages that contain coins and bank or commercial papers and papers cash or unused stamps or gold or silver or platinum or Gemstones and any valuables.

    4 - recorded material delivered to the addressees or returned for مرسليها the meeting arrived signed by the recipient in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director-General.

    5 - receipt of messages recorded judicial and according to the text of Article (14) of the Civil Procedure Law No. (83) for the year 1969.

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    Article 21

    1 - the sender of any material mailing the right to ask Send article by registered mail at the Department of State authorized the abuse of postal mail content provided that their contents and packaging, weights and dimensions matching the terms of the accept Secured materials that the director general.

    2 - Secured received postal items of recipients in the Postal Service is Article Muslim secured event signature recipient arrived receiving, or opening the cover before him.


    Article 22

    1 - The Director-General grants consignor or consignee after the approval of the sender compensation for material recorded internal postal lost or damaged that the compensation does not exceed the amount of the four dinars.

    2 - Interest paid to the consignor or consignee compensation for the loss of postal material secured if lost during transportation by mail or damaged that the compensation does not exceed the value of the lost contents or value of the damage, and that does not exceed In all cases, the amount of the guarantee, which was sent with postal article.

    3 - ending the responsibility for compensating interest or recorded material secured five years after the date of its proceeds.

    4 - the Director-General to issue instructions on how to compensate for recorded materials and secured and situations that pay them compensation, whether internal or external.

    Postal items by value or converter criticism

    Article 23

    1 - may send any material registered postal or guaranteed as an adapter in the amount of a particular transmitter article.

    2 - Can you send material transferred from and to any deal Postal Service issuing and payment transfers only.

    3 - the sender of the article converter mailing by value or cash to declare in writing in the form of specialist attached with the article or the article itself that it had been sent by him at the request of real Take him by the consignee.

    4 - Do not assume responsibility for the interest amount specified on Article converter it did not receive that amount of the consignee and the sender did not provide an application within one year from the date of revenue article.

    Article 24

    All postal items are subject to mutual converter with foreign postal administrations of the provisions of the Universal Postal agreements for the converter materials by the Executive and its system that adheres to the Republic of Iraq.

    Article 25

    The Director-General to issue instructions in connection with:

    1 - accept the terms of Article converter in the Postal Service.

    2 - or re-delivery material converter.

    3 - determine the amount to be collected upon delivery of the material by the converter.

    4 - How to keep the amount of the completed upon delivery of any material mailing adapter and how to bring him back to the consignee article at check fraud from the sender.

    Postal orders

    Article 26

    1 - transfer - is to convert the amount of money sent from the adapter through the Postal Service to the transferee.

    2 - The Director-General to issue instructions regarding:

    - How to accept the transfer, issuance and payable and replay.

    B - the amount issued by the remittances.

    C - the time remaining to postal orders in circulation.

    D - sending remittances by lightning.

    3 - collected commission or other remuneration for transfers and transactions depending on the postal tariff wages determined by the Board in accordance with Article VII of this law.

    Article 27

    1 - the adapter may request reconsideration of the amount of transfer to him if you do not have to pay the amount to the transferee has to ask him to any other person or entity, provided that pays a commission again.

    2 - adapter or converter him claim the hawala amount of interest that can not be paid at the request a written report to it within a period not exceeding five years from the date of issuance of transfer.

    3 - the amount of remittances that can not be paid and unclaimed by their owners and went on the date of issuance more than five years restricting revenue of interest. And may be returned to their owners after this period with the consent of the Minister.

    4 - recovered hawala amount of interest paid to non-converter line to him or the adapter and the amount paid plus the person who received the amount in accordance with the law of the collection of debts owed to the government in the case of failure of the recipient to reply.

    Article 28

    Does not entail any responsibility interest for the following:

    1 - If you pay the transfer line to give the adapter starch information is incorrect or incomplete with respect to the name or address of the transferee.

    2 - delay paying any bank due to non-completion of formal procedures unless there is fraud or intentional or negligent delay in payment.

    3 - Payment state bank line to the transferee if passed eighteen months after the date of issuance.

    Article 29

    For interest issuing Thoel or mailing checks with instructions issued by the Board are appointed and commission amounts and conditions of issuance and send it and push it and heroes.


    Article 30

    Without prejudice to any severer penalty provided for in the Penal Code or any other law:

    1 - punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years, or imprisonment for each employee an open or damaged or executed or tampered or concealed in bad faith any material postcard deposited or delivered to the circuit mailing or plain to others that or divulges a secret contents of Article postal However, if the actor non-postal workers were punishable by imprisonment for not more than three years.

    2 - Any person who violates the provisions of Articles IV and XIV of this law by imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and a fine not exceeding two hundred dinars, or either with the ruling optimal compensation equivalent to postal wages owed to the interest.

    3 - punishable by life imprisonment each of the put deliberately explosives or fireworks in one of the postal items in a bag or my mailbox with a view to any person or damage to property and be punishable by death if the act resulted in the killing of a person or more.

    4 - punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding one hundred dinars and both penalties from making or publishing or used the identity card mailing of the country within the Union of international mail and has no right to use or helped or instigated the manufacture and that was the whole purpose of fraud .

    5 - The article sent by e-mailing the property of the Department of Post, Telegraph and in all the comments about any criminal offense perpetrator about it.

    Article 31

    1 - e-Law No. (6) of 1930, as amended, that works with the instructions prior to the pending new instructions replace does not work any text in any other law inconsistent with the provisions of this law.

    2 - continue to apply Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 518 dated 24/06/1973 on the interest of users recruited prior to the effective date of the resolution.

    Article 32

    This law shall be two months after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

    Article 33

    Ministers implementation of this law.

    Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr

    Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council

    The reasons

    I proceeded to the law E (6) of 1930 for a long time, and in spite of the large number of amendments made to it, it is no longer valid for the application for failing to keep up with modern legislation and agreements E-World and the expansion of postal services as well as lack of compatibility with the applicable laws in the interest of post, telegraph and telephone manner Private and other legislation in the Republic of Iraq in general became necessary new legislation responds to domestic and global developments in the performance of postal services and coordination with modern laws and regulations and for the purposes mentioned initiated this law.


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    Postal Service Act, Telegraph and Telephone No. (81) of 1963, as amended
    in Federal Telecommunications

    Type of Law: Law

    Date Issued: 13 Jul 1963

    Date Published: 1 Aug 1963

    Status: In force

    Behalf of the people
    Presidency of the Republic
    According to the Constitutional Law of the National Council of the Revolutionary Command Based on the submission of the Minister of Transportation and approved by the Council of Ministers and endorsed by the National Council for the leadership of the revolution.

    Ratified the following law: -

    Article 1

    In this law means following terms shall have the meanings towards them:

    Interest - the interest of Post, Telegraph and Telephone

    Council - Board of Directors according to the author of this interest law

    Minister - Minister of Transportation

    Director General - Director General of the Department of

    Employee - each person entrusted to him a permanent job within the angel of your interest by the staff.

    User - each person used in the service of interest included in the permanent staffing your users and excluded from it is used to meet the daily wage or broken for payment where applicable to these labor law.

    Article 2

    1 - becomes the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph in all its departments and institutions as interest (the interest of Post, Telegraph and Telephone) operate on a commercial basis and whose mission would be to do postal services, telegraph and telephone, wireless and postal saving transactions.

    2 - stakeholders institution with legal personality has the right to own property and to act with money and immovable property to achieve public benefit purpose.

    3 - linked to the Ministry of Transportation interest.

    Article 3

    1 - be the capital of the twenty million dinars interest and can be increased by a decision of the Board of Directors and approval of the Council of Ministers.

    2 - paid-up capital consists of interest: -

    - The estimated value of the properties occupied by the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph and net property and assets when this law comes into force.

    B - Amounts payable after the entry into force of this law on projects of interest expense of the economic plan or from any other account.

    3 - The composition of capital reserve for the benefit of fifteen million dinars can be increased by decision of the Board of Directors and approval of the Council of Ministers, after the capital is to be provided for in paragraph (1) of this Article shall be paid in its entirety.

    Article 4

    This article were canceled under Article (1) of the law of the Fifth Amendment to the Postal Service Act, Telegraph and Telephone No. 81 for the year 1963, number 177, issued on 12.14.1968 and replaced with the following text:

    1 - interest is managed by an independent Board of Directors, in its administrative and financial affairs in accordance with the provisions of this law.

    2 - Council is composed as follows:

    President - Director-General or his agent.

    Members - one representative from each of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and appointed by a decision of the Minister of Transport after the agreement with the competent minister after approval by the Council of Ministers.

    The representative of one or more of the Ministry of Transportation and are appointed by the Minister of Transport everything necessary, after approval by the Council of Ministers.

    Chairman of the Postal Service Workers Union, telegraph and telephone.

    3 - appoint two members reserve a decision of the Minister of Transport to Enoba the miss of the original members after approval by the Council of Ministers.

    4 - The term of office of a member of the Board of Directors - except director general interest - three years can be renewed to another three years and other one-time only.

    5 - Board meets twice a month at least and may be invited by the president everything needed.

    6 - be true Council meeting in the presence of more than half of its members and decisions shall be taken by majority in relation to all the members of the Council, including the President.

    7 - gives both the President and the members of the council allocation of 120 dinars per year and the Board of Directors shall appoint a way to pay.

    8 - The Council shall appoint a secretary is preparing its curricula and the organization of its decisions and communicated to the competent authorities.

    Article 5

    Cancelled by paragraph (1) of this Article by Article (2) of the Code of the third amendment to the law of interest post, telegraph and telephone No. 81 for the year 1963, number 84, issued on 09.26.1966 and replaced with the following text:

    1 - Minister of veto over decisions of the Council in the case of not attending the sessions during the ten days of the date of the decision in the office of the ministry.

    2 - If the minister objected to the resolutions of the Council Council to reconsider the decision challenged Van insisted on his opinion, the minister did not agree to it displays it to the Council of Ministers within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the second resolution to the ministry and is considered a final decision of the Council of Ministers.

    Article 6

    Council manages the affairs of general interest and has in particular the following terms of reference: -

    1 - enter into contracts and agreements inside and outside Iraq in the manner determined by the interest within the budget allocations and therefore reduce the amount of fifty thousand dinars each spent and must obtain the approval of the Council of Ministers if the amount exceeds the limit mentioned.

    2 - Develop rules and conditions for bidding and tenders and commitments and how to purchase tools and materials sold.

    3 - Report of the formations of interest and its divisions, departments and people under the owners and according to the system.

    4 - Set the conditions of service of the works in the interest of employees, users and workers and their salaries and allowances standards and wages and put rules for Bayevadehm and training, discipline and according to the system.

    5 - ed committees and hiring of consultants and engineers set their wages.

    6 - to borrow amounts not exceeding a total planned capital and interest by ensuring that the Ministry of Finance and the approval of the Council of Ministers.

    7 - invest the money belonging to interest as determined.

    8 - Rent and rent money and immovable property determined by the way.

    9 - write off the money spent or lost by buying value not exceeding one thousand dinars anything more than that Fbmuaqh cabinet.

    10 - Appointment of wages and the way that it is satisfied that any service or work played by stakeholders and change these wages whenever necessary.

    11 - Establish rules for issuing postage stamps and determine the categories and types and their descriptions.

    12 - Develop rules for the use of automatic mailing clearance machines.

    13 - Develop instructions and conditions for the transfer and distribution of postal items.

    14 - take the necessary decisions on things that pertain to agreements and treaties postal, telegraphic and international التلفونية.

    15 - Processing of the employees of the official price of allowances interest or without price whenever necessary and as determined by the Board in each case.

    16 - that the Council authorizes the Director-General or any of the employees of interest or any committee or body or institution some of his powers to carry out on his behalf.

    17 - Council issuing instructions and data relating to the organization of work of interest.

    Article 7

    1 - The fiscal year of interest on April 1 and ending on 31 March and the Council to submit to the minister before the beginning of each financial year estimates budget stakeholders to present to the Ministry of Finance and then the Cabinet for approval and then legislation duly as a budget attached to the state budget public.

    2 - If the dissolved fiscal year budget had not yet ratified فللمجلس issuing the command to operate under the previous financial year appropriations by 1/12 of them per month.

    3 - In addition to the annual budget provided for in paragraph (1) of this Article, the council that regulates the budget for its core business for one year or more to be ratified by a special law.

    4 - taking into account the provisions of the law regulating profits of the semi-official institutions (83) for the year 1961 in respect of the annual budget and final accounts and profit sharing assets and deposit interest and draw them.

    5 - approval of the Minister Council shall appoint auditors or auditors to audit the accounts of the legal interest and annual inventory of its assets and the ratification of the final budget with the lifting of an annual report on the budget for the main business.

    6 - interest accounts are subject to the control of the Auditor-General.

    Article 8

    Cancelled by paragraph (2) of this Article, under Article (1) of the Sixth Amendment to the Act Postal Service Act, Telegraph and Telephone No. 81 for the year 1963, number 96, issued on 07.28.1974 and became in the following form:

    Consists of imports, which charged interest from the wages of postal services, telegraph and telephone and تستوفيه charges under the law of wireless communications and other resources.

    Article 9

    1 - appointed by the Director-General and the amount of his salary by a decision of the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the Minister.

    2 - All circuits are connected and its subsidiaries interest the Director-General or his nominee which that displays the issues on the Council and the implementation of the decisions.

    3 - Director-General is representing the interest in all aspects of management and its business and affairs and may appoint or delegate his other in order to represent the interest.

    Article 10

    The Council of Ministers that have interest free land and buildings Amireya that you need for its purpose and interest that the property تستملك according the law.

    Article 11

    Interest debt is one of the outstanding debt and aggregated according to the law of the collection of debts owed to the government.

    Article 12

    1 - applies Employees Pension Fund Act and users in departments and institutions on the staff of the semi-official users and stakeholders.
    2 - Add to the employee and for the user who is in the service time of entry into force of this law service pension or usability prior to the effective date that the pay pensions arrests for the Fund in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws.

    Article 13

    1 - The staff and users and workers of the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph in all its departments and institutions specific interest in salaries and wages, which they receive when the implementation of this law until the Council decides otherwise.

    2 - The Council based on the requirement of necessity and the presence of special qualifications awarded one extra degree of employee or user that is coupled with the approval of the Minister.

    Article 14

    Separate budget of the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph for the state budget and continue to work under as a temporary budget for the interest that the annual budget is organized in accordance with this Act and the Board to increase the appropriations earmarked in the interim budget after obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers.

    Article 15

    Move to automatically without interest or any allowance fee ownership of real estate and other Domanial, which are under the occupancy Directorate General of Post and Telegraph, or one of its departments or institutions upon the entry into force of this law or disposal or management.

    Article 16

    At the entry into force of this law are Ministry of Finance بتسليف the amount of interest credited to run does not exceed 500,000 dinars (five hundred thousand dinars) to reimburse this advance within a period not exceeding one year.

    Article 17

    The Council if the exercise of his works, including the following: -

    1 - to appoint a committee or committees to inventory and estimate اقيام assets that have moved interest to it under the provisions of this law.

    2 - Set a chartered accountant or more to lay the foundations of the accounts on the basis of commercial interest.

    3 - open a checking account for an interest in the Iraqi Central Bank and the central treasury in Baghdad In brigades cabinets and districts and counties outside the city of Baghdad.

    Article 18

    1 - Interest replace the Directorate General of Post and Telegraph in all its rights and obligations and contracts and مقاولاتها.

    2 - substitute the phrase (the interest of Post, Telegraph and Telephone) replaces the phrase (Directorate of Post and Telegraph General) and the words (Director General of the interest) replaces the phrase (Director of the Post and Telegraph year) wherever contained in laws and regulations, instructions and orders in force.

    Article 19

    - Continue to work in the interest under the data and instructions, previous orders and that does not violate the provisions of this law until replaced or modified.

    B - may issue regulations and instructions to facilitate the implementation of this law.

    Article 20

    This article were canceled under Article (1) of the Act to amend the Postal Service Act, Telegraph and Telephone No. 81 for the year 1963, number 107, issued on 09.08.1963 and replaced with the following text:

    This law shall be effective from 1 -12 -1963. Empowers the Ministry of Transport to take all necessary steps in preparation for putting it into effect before this date.

    Article 21

    Ministers implementation of this law.

    Baghdad wrote in the twenty-first day of the month of February of the year 1383 day on the thirteenth day of the month of July of 1963.

    Field Marshal corner
    Abdul Salam Mohammed Arif
    President of the Republic
    Ali Saleh al-Saadi Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr
    Deputy Prime Minister Prime Minister
    And the Minister of Guidance
    Student Hussein الشبيب Saleh Mahdi Ammash
    Foreign Minister and Defense Minister
    Izzat Mustafa Abdel Sattar Abdel Latif
    Minister of Health and Minister of Transportation
    Mahmoud Sheet Khattab Mehdi Ataa
    Minister of Municipalities and Minister of Justice
    Mohamed Jawad Alabbosi Ahmed Abdul Sattar slain
    Minister of Finance and Minister of Education
    And Deputy Oil Minister
    Shukri Saleh Zaki Ragab Abdel Meguid
    Minister of Trade and Minister of Works and Housing
    And Deputy Minister of Planning
    Hamid anklet Saadoun Hammadi
    Minister of Labour and Minister of Agrarian Reform
    Social and Deputy Minister of Agriculture
    Naji student narrator accelerator
    Minister of Industry and Minister of State for
    Federal Unity
    Hazim Jawad
    Minister of Presidential Affairs
    And Deputy Minister of the Interior

    The reasons

    The acts of the Directorate of Post and Telegraph public has widened in recent years, a significant expansion and met with difficulties and many obstacles have limited the scope and affected the speed of execution and was the most prominent of these difficulties can not be secure resources and adequate provision to ensure that traffic in the implementation of projects Directorate regularly and according to plan her and is afraid to Services of this administration of transportation telephone and wireless and postal and telegraph closely linked to the needs of the public on the one hand and all government departments the other hand, and the interests of the country's main and its relations with other countries of the third party he and where the nature of the work of this institution have dye business and be subject to the restrictions and procedures, usually in circles other government does not agree with the requirements of work and standing barrier to the completion of projects planned so it has become necessary to make this directorate interest of a legal personality and an independent budget administered by the Board of Directors independent in its administrative and financial within the limits prescribed by law, similar to what is observed in the interest of railways and the interest of ports in the Republic Iraqi and similar to what is the ongoing work in many other countries, so that this administration can do its burdens and the performance of its mission as required to keep pace with the needs of the audience and keep pace with the evolution of time and this initiated this law.

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