Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations warn against economic crisis

Iraqi-Kuwaiti crisis over Mubarak port and borders demarcation is taking a new course. Head of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations’ council, Abdul Rahim Al Rifaii, revealed that Iraq took multiple economic decisions that limit trade between Iraq and Kuwait. These measures consisted of a dramatic decrease in the number of Kuwaiti trucks crossing into Iraqi borders and a huge increase of tariffs.

Any decision to cut off economic relations with Kuwait poses a real threat to bilateral relations and damage Iraq’s economy, Rifaii cautioned.

Rifaii called to resolve pending issues with Kuwait through peaceful and diplomatic means. Some Iraqi politicians’ statements are rushed and reckless, he said.

Confusion and inconsistency in Iraqi stands regarding Mubarak port indicates that Iraq is adopting a purely political and not technical approach with its neighbor, said observers. Iraq meanwhile didn’t reveal the technical committee’s report even weeks after its submission to the cabinet, they added. It could also prove that Iraq is still waiting for an external position to settle the situation, observers concluded.