Deputy State law: oil and gas Act, passed in the House after some adjustments accordingly

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 09: 41


Attorney for the State of law coalition that al Haitham "oil and gas Act, passed in the House after some modifications."
Al-Juburi said each agency Iraq [where] said that "there are no objections to certain paragraphs of this law by Kurdistan forces will therefore some amendments to those paragraphs are not contrary to the Constitution and the satisfaction of the political blocs." "Blackish oil and gas Act, submitted by the Government to the House is unconstitutional and argue and directory of non-objection by the Council of State thus having studied on this law."

To provide the Prime law of oil and gas to the Chamber of Deputies stood effects objection Kurdistan Alliance on this law, arguing it would reduce the powers of the territory in controlling the oil wealth. Kurdistan Presidency invited Council of Ministers in a statement to "withdraw the draft hydrocarbon law immediately, incompatibility with the tenor of the Constitution and the legal path within the Council of Ministers". The Kurdistan Alliance threatened to publish the minutes of the meetings of the leaders of the political blocs in the Erbil agreement under the initiative of the President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in the absence of commitment of some blocks in previous political agreements.

The Kurdistan Alliance last week held an expanded meeting in the resort of Salahuddin combine all political blocs representing the Kurdistan Parliament in the Centre, and during the meeting, emphasized, inter alia, important files, including demand implementation of article [140] of the Constitution, and the implementation of the oil and gas Act, as stated in the Constitution and emphasized the principle of national ownership and other files.

BGG - My reasoning behind posting this so belatedly is that though it is headed towards being a week old article - it was VERY,VERY, VERY of the things we needed to see happening in the public arena!!