On: Sat 12/17/2011 9:50

Businessmen said that the sudden decline of the dinar against the dollar during the past two days, created a situation of concern in the Iraqi market, resulted in the start of a wave of foreign remittances and increase high levels of foreign exchange. The owners of companies and economic institutions in connection with the "arenas of Liberation" on Thursday that the price of Iraqi dinar has fallen of 1117 dinars to the dollar to 1245 with the central bank cut its sales of dollars to less than ten million after it was over this number

In the rate of daily sales of the U.S. currency by about ten times or more.
Businessmen stressed the movement draws vast financial witnessed by banks during the past two days by the companies and economic institutions as well as merchants and citizens, as they made clear that the simple drawings that were institutions of banking imposed on the transfer of funds out of the country have risen to about five times because of high demand on the funds, . and to link economists in conversations between U.S. withdrawal and the escalation of divisions in the country, and fears that led to the devaluation of the dinar, as well as the country's vulnerability to a wave of external demands may affect the cash reserves of Iraq if the United States lifted her hand to protect the Fund of Iraq's money, which was estimated at about fifty billion dollars.