How to Color/Edit Chat Log


Edit Post
below the post and a text box will appear. Before you edit color, resize the text:

~ Left-click inside the text box
~ Press: Ctrl
+ A on keyboard
~ Select
Size 4 (see number drop down in tools above)
~ If you are finished,
Save. If you have more editing to do, wait to Save until you complete your task.


Click the blue
A/A button (top left tool). It should turn white and put you into WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What You Get).


Highlight the post/s beginning with the timestamp and ending before the next person posts. Consecutive posts can be edited as a single block.

Click to Bold (B button), and while still highlighted, Choose the Color
for text:

For BGG:
choose Fire Brickcolor (A button, 1st Column, 2nd Row).
For poppy3:
choose Red color (A button, 1st Column, 3rd Row).
For chattels news & related comments:
choose Dark Green color (A button, 4th Column, 2nd Row).

C. Click in a white space to drop the highlighting and review your post.

D. If no corrections are needed, click
Save below the text box. If there is a mess and you aren't sure how to fix it just ask one of the mods to notify an editor (we've been there done that). We have people for that. Really. We Do.

Want to know if you found all the BGG/poppy3 comments? Use the Find feature on your browser (usually in the Edit menu or in a drop down list top right on some browsers).

Enter the text you want to find - ex: [BGG] - and it will highlight on the page. Safari browser even tells you how many times it is found on a given page.

Leave the brackets off if you want to find every time a name is mentioned. Keep the brackets if you want to find that person speaking.