On: Sat 12/17/2011 9:51am

Time in which he criticized the Iraqi parliament speaker Osama Najafi Iraqi government's position on the events in Syria, was a member of the mass of citizens and MP for the "National Alliance" Hassoun Fatlawi demanding abolition of the House of Representatives, and left the state, however, the executive branch and the Federal Court.

It seems the position of Mr. Najafi's new line and type of deep differences between what might be called Pityaran in the curriculum of the country's leadership, according to observers, the approach represented by Najafi today as head of the Iraqi parliament and the methodology is represented by Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister.

And intersects the two Menhjan in a lot of details large and small alike. Statements Nujaifi new acute that preceded it blunt remarks, the other of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, who belongs to the mass of the same political, which belongs Najafi, in which he accused al-Maliki led a new dictatorship, pour in a way that the Iraqi Council of Representatives away from the direction the official government, which will find strong opposition by the members of the "state of the law," which belongs to Mr. Maliki.

It is noticeable that the relations between the "state law" and other groups under the umbrella banner of "National Alliance" has begun Baltazaza little by little, where the mount members of the mass of "citizen" led by Mr. Hakim attacks repeatedly against the private Mr. Maliki's decision and, in this context comes permit the Attorney Hassoun Fatlawi which called for the abolition of the Iraqi parliament because of the "Abolition of a legal court of Supreme Audit and the integrity of the submitted directly from the parliament without reference to the government."

Fatlawi In response to queries from reporters yesterday, saying: "On the Federal Court to abolish the House of Representatives, there is no need for his presence and the elimination of the salaries of its members as they weigh the financial budget, and left the state, however, the executive authority and the Court, and the two bodies are sufficient to manage the state."
The MP for the National: the House of Representatives panel has become redundant, because the main role, which is to rob the legislation of laws.