Baghdad with us Defense Secretary: Leon Panetta during a US withdrawal from Iraq that the United States has started a cooperation with Iraq now, stressing that the United States will support Iraq in the face of challenges to build an Iraq that is secure and prosperous. Formally launched Thursday a US withdrawal ceremony ceremony Iraq US Defense Minister Leon Panetta and US Ambassador James Jeffrey Thursday in Baghdad.
Panetta said during a speech before the last soldiers the Americans in Iraq: "these memorable moments cannot be expressed in words or celebratory," the US military in Iraq contributed to ending the era of the dictator, and will not forget America's sacrifices in Iraq ". He said the US military "made a lot of great sacrifices to reach this stage," he said, adding that "the US Army in collaboration with all Iraqi forces managed to achieve many security and political achievements in Iraq."
"This is a historic moment in the end the US presence in Iraq, adding that US military action in times of critical but we have succeeded in the end."
"Today, we remember the four thousand five hundred kodmo great sacrifices and several others were wounded and injured and have served in Iraq from women and men who served in the war."
"Iraq was suffering from violence and a lot of problems today and after a long work of us and Iraqi sides have become important Iraq which means managing real Iraq, Iraqi police and security men were able to answer with regard to undermine terrorism and armed operations", stating that "Iraqi forces on kuroda from any terrorist threat."
"Iraq will be a choice in the next phase there are still challenges to Iraq," he said, adding that "the United States will support Iraq in the face of the challenges to building a secure and prosperous Iraq."
Panetta stressed that "America will not allow any one to fail the Iraqi successes achieved, noting that this is the beginning of cooperation between albedlni and not the end."

Zia Al-Khalifa
Thursday, January 15, 1 December, 2011 10: 39 | Author: rad