Uzmatk _ Nassif, calling on the government states discussed in the Security Council to appeal the decision of the demarcation of the border with Kuwait
12/14/2011 14 hours 22 minutes

The vice of high-mass white Nassif Iraqi government search of the permanent Security Council members to challenge the decision (833) on the demarcation of the border with Kuwait.
Said Rep. Nassif in a statement received "news agency Uzmatk" that "the government should move to the political and diplomatic levels in the Security Council and that the pressure on the permanent members to ensure approval in principle to challenge the resolution 833 which was released in abnormal conditions and as a decision unjust right of the people of Iraq. "
She added that "Iraq today is a complete sovereignty and should have his speech in international forums, and the first mission of diplomacy in the post-Iraq U.S. withdrawal is the abolition of the unjust demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait."