Iraq: private banks demanding the application of the decisions she is equal banks, government

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad - Hisham Abdul Wahab - Dar Al-Hayat renewed Iraqi private banks appeal to the Iraqi Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi intervention to lift the injustice it, in light of the decisions and directives of the ministerial is entirely incompatible with the above private banks that received from the government promises regarding the handle, similar to banks of government. The executive director of «Association of Iraqi private banks» Abdul Aziz al-Hassoun told «life», said the private banks was surprised by a letter issued by the Ministry of Finance addressed to the Ministry of Electricity are advising it not to deal with private banks and institutions, Hfada public money. He noted that the Association took the initiative to write to the Minister of Finance required him to intervene personally to put an end to such actions, which is contrary to what was given by government agencies for that «the private sector should take its role in local economic activity that contribute to the return of well-being for various sectors of economy». She Association hoped that The Minister of Finance instructions bold and clear for all government institutions that private banks are banks licensed, working under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq. On a related issue, said Hassoun that private banks waiting for the completion of the inter obstacles to allow it to activate the decision to open a bank credit for projects development, worth up to $ 4 million, after he was the ultimate allowable two million, adding that the decision to lift the ceiling is of great significance related to widening the circle of activity of the private banking sector in development projects, because the rate of participation of private banks which do not exceed 3 percent, According to the estimates of those concerned. It is noted that the chairman of the Bank «Assyria» international depositary Nuri al-Handal, who represented the Iraqi private banks participating in the «Union of Arab Banks», held in Beirut late last month, held a meeting on the sidelines of the conference with the Director General of « Bank of Commerce »Iraqi Hamdiya dry, which he discussed the obstacles that hinder the activity of private Iraqi banks.

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