Baghdad Provincial Council: Budget for 2012 will be broad and will include strategic projects
Posted 14/12/2011 04:09 PM

Baghdad - People
President of the Baghdad Provincial Council, yesterday, that the budget allocated to the province of Baghdad, in 2012, as received from the Ministry of Planning, Trliunin exceeded 300 million dinars.
Full-Zaidi said in a statement, said "it will be during the coming period on the new projects approved by the Board after discussing the project and make sure to cover all areas of Baghdad, and add customizations to the ongoing projects."
He noted that the provincial council demanded since the early lifting of the executive departments of the proposed projects for the districts of Baghdad and the various aspects to be discussed and ratified by the executive departments to be able to force upon adoption of the budget and the arrival of the amounts to the province.
The al-Zaidi, "The budget in 2012 will be large and comprehensive for all the vital sectors in Baghdad, where they will be the inclusion of areas of Baghdad, local projects, sewage and water purification as well as building new schools will be for the parties to a large share of them, and the construction of 20 health centers and the establishment of two hospitals in the areas of Bayaa and people."
He announced the inclusion of sectors of sport, youth and culture in the plan of 2012 through the implementation of a number of sports arenas, cultural centers and art and forums.
He said the "plan of conservation interest included sewage sector through establishing large projects in the areas of Tarmiyah and Jisr Diyala and the cities, and Mahmudiya, at a cost of 300 billion dinars will be implemented by the Iraqi and foreign companies to secure a prestigious quality implementation."
He noted that the plan for the province to the year 2012 will be broad and to all sectors, including the electricity sector will be rehabilitation of electrical networks in the sectors of Karkh, chest and Rusafa, in addition to the approval of the Council to continue to import electricity generators to be distributed to the revival and shops of Baghdad, the various address the crisis of power outages.