Trade exchange between Washington and Baghdad estimated at around 15 billion Dollars per year
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 17:19 GMT

Iraqi embassy in the US announced, on Tuesday, that the trade exchange rate between Iraq and the US is estimated at around 15 billion Dollars per year. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki, who is currently in Washington, will participate in the Chamber of Commerce seminar in the presence of more than 250 Iraqi and US businessmen, Iraqi embassy declared adding that Maliki will meet World Bank governor.
“The rate of trade exchange between Washington and Baghdad witnessed a remarkable increase during the last 5 years,” Iraqi embassy’s commercial attaché Nawfal Hassan said in a statement which Alsumarianews received a copy of. “The total of imports and exports reached about 75 billion Dollars with the average of 15 billion Dollars per year,” Hassan revealed.
“Rates of US companies registration in Iraq increased too during the last two years,” Hassan added noting that Iraqi Commercial Attaché in Washington completed about 10 thousand applications for US companies during the last three years.

More than 80 US companies and institutions participated, in November 2011, in the first official US pavilion during the 38th session of Baghdad’s International Fair.
Iraqi Prime Minister and his escorting delegation will participate in the seminar taking place at US Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of more than 250 of presidents and representatives of US and International companies in addition to a group of Iraqi businessmen, Hassan declared.
Maliki will also meet the Governor of World Bank and Chief Executive Officer of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Hassan concluded.