League: After the return of al-Maliki have to be applied initiative Erbil
On: Tue 12/13/2011 23:07

Citizen - Bushra Al-Azzawi
Explained by the Iraqi List Atab league that initiative Jalal Talabani and the tolerance of Mr. Hakim's call for allpolitical blocs to the round table will be the solution of disputes and conflicts between the heads of the blocks and recede crisis, including that caused delays in several projects, including naming the ministers of defense and interior. The League of ( citizen) "After the return of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki of the United States must implement the initiative Arbil to achieve a true partnership of all parties, especially in these days that are witnessing the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraqi territory. and pointing out that" the differences and the political pressure will disappear after the departure of the occupation forces and will stabilize the security situation after the receipt of the Iraqi security forces the task of leading the country, which will be 100% readiness and responsibility normally. and let the league the House of Representatives to allocate part of the budget of 2012 to the Ministry of Defense and Interior to be provided Iraqi forces with weapons and equipment they need.