Deputy governor of Karbala amends for his resignation and the governor asking him to provide evidence of financial and administrative corruption
Tue 12/13/2011 17:06

Karbala (news) .. said Abbas al-Musawi, first deputy governor of Karbala reprieve from the decision to resign, which taken two days ago. Moussawi said in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday: the pressure received by the masses of the province of Karbala forced him to withdraw his resignation and to resume his work in the province and that he resume work on Tuesday.
The Moussaoui had revealed yesterday that the reason for his resignation is the detection of files administrative and financial corruption against members of the State of Law bloc, which was his reference in a statement today: This position will Atnini on the detection of corruption files announced by the former.
For his part, called the Governor of Karbala, the hopes of religion cat block hope Rivers provide evidence of corruption files for people belonging to the state of law to be law is the rule, said in a press statement to the media attended the reporter Agency (news): that all the files of administrative and financial corruption have been referred to the Integrity and there is no case is still pending and there was no disagreement between us and the hope of Mesopotamia and the mass we want them to provide evidence of this corruption and we will work with them to hold negligent.