Economic Advisor to Maliki: the Process of Economic Reform
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Thread: Economic Advisor to Maliki: the Process of Economic Reform

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    Economic Advisor to Maliki: the Process of Economic Reform

    Economic adviser to Maliki: the process of economic reform requires the government directed banks towards lending to private banks

    Tue 12/13/2011

    Baghdad) news) .. called Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Al-Hussein Anbuge to the need to adopt a clear program of economic reform, and that the private sector play an active role in achieving growth in all sectors.
    said Anbuge (agency news) on Tuesday: that economic reform must be to begin to direct government spending in the paths serve to activate economic sectors, pointing out that the phase transformation to a market economy requires a private sector a more active role and be directed to the economy of the country, adding that so went require a Jhazmusrfa Ghaderaly mobilizing financial savings huge waits Iraq, especially and that a future on the stage Namwaguetsada wide, as well as follow-up economic projects in all their stand at the feasibility of economic verified.
    He Anbuge: that the economic reform process requires that the head of government banks towards lending to private banks, to expand its work and services that must be provided to the local economy.
    mention Most economists are demanding Ptzafar the efforts of the private sector and local government to Ttoiralaguetsad by examining the reality of work, legislation and legal requirements of international companies.
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