Najafi acknowledges the existence of political differences prevent the adoption of the law of oil and gas
On: Tue 12/13/2011 8:26

The oil and gas law in need of a political consensus for legislation and approval. The Nujaifi that the draft law and arrived at the House of Representatives for a vote, but political differences prevent inclusion on the list of the agenda. in the meantime signed a United Nations Development Programme (Jn. that. de. B) Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Oil in an effort to qualify them, and create more job opportunities in the sector which is witnessing exponential growth. and the note will continue for two years and include the development of skills and human resources management in the oil and gas and support the ability to create jobs for the workforce of Iraq's growing. Iraq has oil reserves estimated at 143 billion barrels oil with the possibility of an additional estimated 200 billion barrels.
says UNDP in United Nations, that 1% is working in the oil sector of the labor force only. Iraq has huge reserves of gas are not exploited optimally is scheduled to begin to utilize them to increase local production of electricity.
According to the United Nations, the memorandum will strengthen the ability of the Directorate of Training and Development in the Oil Ministry in conducting surveys in the labor market and training needs assessment and design of training programs to respond the growing demand for qualified manpower in the oil and gas.
and will add the partnership also formalize the dialogue between the ministry and the private sector with regard to raising the level of skills and labor standards and human resources management.
The director of the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq, Peter Batchelor, in an official statement: The note will also on the rehabilitation of the oil ministry and the private sector to create more jobs and improve, including opportunities for youth and women in response to the rapid growth in the labor market.
The statement quoted from the fact that Hashem, Director General of the Directorate of Training and Development in the Oil Ministry as saying, "complete human resources strategy that we develop with the United UNDP national energy strategy prepared by the Government to ensure the continued expansion and high productivity in the oil and gas. "
"We hope to join the other United Nations agencies such as ILO and the Organization of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for these partnership to provide expertise to the staff of the Ministry and its employees in the oil and gas. "
The statement that "a committee headed by the Ministry of Oil (Abdul Karim and coffee) will coordinate the work under this Agreement in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and the Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister and will include the oil companies, local and international representatives for trade unions. "
Programme and the United Nations Development Network to develop a global agency of the United Nations is working in 166 countries and help organizations to develop solutions to meet the challenges of global and national development and is working to develop local capacity, which depends on the staff of UNDP and partners.
to the Director of the distribution of derivatives Oil in Baghdad, Ali al-Musawi: In the event of failure to establish refineries huge in Iraq, the process of importing petroleum products from abroad will continue to meet the needs of the country from them.
Al-Moussawi said by the Agency (news): The self-sufficiency in petroleum products like gasoline and gas oil in Iraq requires the establishment of the ranks of huge provinces of the country all the result of the increased local need for petroleum products than it was in the past.
He continued: Iraq in the event of not being able to build refineries giant in the country, the process of importing petroleum products from abroad will continue in spite of what is owned by Iraq's oil wealth, great.

The The Oil Ministry has developed studies and plans for the creation of five oil refineries, distributed in some provinces and called for a speedy construction in order to return Iraq to where it was as a source of derivatives before it is achieving self-sufficiency of it.
Earlier, expect a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP Bayazid Hassan, Iraq will be able to export its products of oil to the outside after five years from now in the light of the plan and the Oil Ministry.
Hassan said in an earlier statement (of the Agency news): the next five years will arrive in Iraq in which to self-sufficiency in oil derivatives, but will export the surplus to the outside in case of build a refinery to be established in some provinces.