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    Calculation of law practice law No. 65 for the year 2007
    in Federal Justice and Judicature

    Law / Document Number (ID): 65

    Type of Law: Law

    Date Issued: 4 Mar 2007

    Date Published: 26 Dec 2007

    Status: In force

    Behalf of the people

    Presidential Council

    Resolution No. 63

    Built on what passed the House in accordance with the provisions of Article (61 / I) of the Constitution and pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (V / A) of Article one hundred and thirty-eight of the Constitution

    The Presidency Council decided in its meeting held on 4/12/2007

    Issue the following law :

    No. (65) for the year 2007


    Calculated to practice law

    Article 1 - accounted for lawyers appointed in government departments function for the exercise of the legal profession actual service for the purposes of recruitment and determining the salary and retirement exception from the provisions of the Revolutionary Command Council resolution (defunct) No. (600) for the year 1980

    Article 2 -. Implement this law are the date of its publication in the Official Gazette

    Tareq al-Hashemi, Adel Abdul Mahdi, Jalal Talabani

    Vice President, Vice President of the Republic, the President of the Republic


    To supplement government departments, professional cadres of experienced accumulated derived from the practice of the legal profession and encourage them to service in government departments and which have paid pension deductions for the duration of practice to lawyers' retirement fund, initiated this law
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    Law of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (38) for the year 2011 average in Federal Industry

    Type of Law: Law

    Date Issued: 29 Dec 2011

    Date Published: 23 Jan 2012

    Status: In force

    The Ministry of Industry and Minerals
    No. (38) for the year 2011

    Chapter I

    Definitions, tasks and goals and means

    Article 1 - following words shall have the meanings indicated opposite thereto for the purposes of this Act:

    Ministry: The Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
    Minister: The Minister of Industry and Minerals.

    Article - 2 - are organized by the ministry and the development of industrial and mineral activity in line with the policy of market economy and enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence, represented by the Minister or his nominee.

    Article - 3 - The Ministry aims to مايأتي:

    First - developing strategies and industrial policies to work in a market economy environment in harmony with the general policy of the state.
    Secondly - the organization and development of industrial and mineral activity in line with the national development plan for the state.
    Thirdly - increase the contribution of the industrial sector of the total national output of Iraq.

    IV - increasing the contribution of mining sector and manufacturing Mineral Resources (non-oil) of the total national output of Iraq.

    V. - expanding the role of the private sector in industrial development and industrial economic activity and to give him the lead role in this activity.

    Article 4 - Ministry seeks to achieve its objectives Bmayati:

    First - to promote and develop and regulate the industrial sector in the field of manufacturing and synthetic cognitive and mining.

    Second - promote implementation of industrial and mineral projects.

    Thirdly - development, implementation and financing plans industrial research and development to improve the quality and reduce the cost of products and services and the adoption of international standards and the development of production processes and the introduction of new technologies to increase competitiveness and sustainable growth.

    Fourthly - growth and development and capacity building of the Angels and the Iraqi industrial leaders valuable public and private sectors to interact and cooperate with universities and specialized research centers and national and international organizations inside and outside Iraq and encourage innovation and creativity in the industry.

    V. - take advantage of the international organizations and local and international experts and local consulting firms and foreign in the preparation and implementation of strategies, plans and industrial policies of the new Iraq.

    VI - the application procedures for the protection of the environment, health and industrial safety in accordance with international standards adopted in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities.

    VII - Organization and the Department of Industrial Relations Foreign coordination with the relevant authorities.

    VIII - conducting geological surveys and mineral exploration and overseeing the implementation of the Investment Law metal or any other law in force last replaced.

    IX - to propose draft laws and issuing regulations and instructions related and governing the work of the different industrial sectors.

    X. - organizing the foundation for cooperation and coordination of the partnership between the public and private sectors in line with the general policy of the state.

    XI - to support and stimulate the local industrial investment and external.

    XII - organize the work of the establishment of the private sector for industrial complexes or contribute to him in the inception and distributed geographically according to the availability of the potential and the quality of the industry in each location, according to feasibility studies, technical and coordination with the provincial councils and the relevant authorities.

    XIII - to encourage the small and medium-sized enterprises and the development of mechanisms for funding.

    XIV - preparing special studies and public sector companies Sailthoil decided to convert to the private sector or making joint stock companies within the public policy of the State and stages commensurate with economic and cultural development of the community.

    XV - preparing surveys and qualitative studies specialized in the field of industrial activity and provide expertise and advice to competent authorities in order to achieve the development of the national industry.

    XVI - to register trademarks and trade data.

    XVII - the application of criteria and indicators for evaluating the performance of industrial activity.

    Chapter II


    Article 5 - I. - Minister is the Supreme Head of the Ministry and responsible for their actions and policy guidance functions and exercise control over their activities and events and good performance and has issued internal regulations, instructions and decisions and orders in all aspects of its functions.

    Secondly - the ministry three agents exercising their tasks and powers vested in them by the Minister.

    III - The Minister of advisers two engaged in their tasks and powers of two of the minister.

    IV - The Minister may authorize some of his powers to the ministry agents or advisers or any of the Directors-General and in accordance with the law.

    V. - The Minister of developing or cancel or merge or disengagement formations and administrative activities below the level of department, agency or company.

    VI - The Minister contracting with specialists of Iraqis and non-Iraqis to perform the tasks required by the interests of the ministry in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

    This paragraph has been modified under Law No. 3 for the year 2013

    VII - Cancelled

    Chapter III

    The organizational structure of the Ministry of

    This article was modified under Law No. 3 for the year 2013

    Article 6 - The ministry consists of the following configurations: -

    First: - circles the center of the ministry centrally funded are:

    A - Technical Department.

    - Investment Department.

    C - Department of industrial development and regulation.

    D - the Department of Planning.

    E - Economic Department.

    - Department of Administration and Human Resources.

    G - Legal Department.

    H - IOS and auditing.

    I - Minister's Office

    K - Office of the Inspector General

    Second: - The bodies associated with the ministry and centrally funded and which enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence, namely:

    A - the board of Iraqi Geological Survey.

    B - the board of industrial research and development.

    Thirdly - formations associated with the ministry and self-funded:

    Configurations set forth in the table attached to this law

    Article -7 - runs every central circle, body or any of the formations in the table attached to this law officer entitled General Manager holds a degree preliminary least is experienced and competent and efficient and has a service of not less than ten years after receiving a first university degree.

    Chapter IV

    General and Final Provisions

    This article was modified under Law No. 3 for the year 2013

    Article -8

    First - The functions of departments ministry center and centrally funded bodies and formations set forth in items (I) and (II) and (III) of Article (6) of this law, divisions and functions of these divisions bylaws issued by the minister.

    Secondly - Minister's Office manages employee entitled manager holds a university degree at least preliminary and experienced and competent with service of not less than five (5) years.

    Third - the Inspector General shall exercise his duties in accordance with the law ..

    Article -9 - The Law of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals No. (8) of 1997 and the remaining internal regulations and instructions issued thereunder window that does not contradict the provisions of this law until the issuance of the replaced or repealed for a period not exceeding one year from the date of adoption of this law.

    Article -10 - The Minister issuing internal regulations and instructions necessary to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

    Article -11 - This law from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


    To reorganize the work of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in light of the shift from a planned economy to a market economy and the variables in the Ministry's administrative formations and in order to organize and bring the law in line reflects these shifts and changes.

    Initiated this law

    Table names formations associated with ministry

    Company Name
    1 General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies / Samarra
    2 General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies / Nineveh
    3 General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers / North
    4 General Company for the manufacture of fertilizers / South
    5 General Company for the tire industry
    6 General Company for the manufacture of batteries
    7 General Company for the manufacture of refractories
    8 General Company for the glass and ceramics industry
    9 General Company for Sugar Industry
    10 General Company for the automotive industry
    11 General Company for sulfur Mishraq
    12 General Company for the manufacture of ready-made clothes
    13 State Company for Tobacco and cigarette
    14 General Company for industrial designs and consulting
    15 General Company for the design and construction of industrial
    16 General Company for Iron and Steel
    17 General Company for Vegetable Oils
    18 General Company for Carpets manual
    19 General Company for Northern Cement
    20 General Company for Iraqi Cement
    21 General Company for Southern Cement
    22 General Company for Construction Industries
    23 General Company for Petrochemical Industries
    24 General Company for mining
    25 General Company for Leather Industries and furniture
    26 General Company for Woolen Industries
    27 General Company for Cotton Industries
    28 General Company for Electrical Industries
    29 General Company for Rubber Industries
    30 General Company for Mechanical Industries
    31 General Company for Textile Industries
    32 General Company for Paper Industries
    33 FPC
    34 General Systems Company
    35 General Company for dairy products
    36 General Company for Information Systems
    37 General Company for testing and rehabilitation engineering
    38 General Directorate for Industrial Development
    39 Ibn Waleed Company
    40 Ibn Sina State Company
    41 Ibn Majid Company
    42 Akha
    43 Challenge
    44 Zawra
    45 Shaheed State Company
    46 Withstand public company for steel industries
    47 Company slapper
    48 Ezz
    49 Al-Faris
    50 Redemption
    51 AFPC for Chemical Industries
    52 Mansour State Company
    53 Numan
    54 Ur company
    55 Diyala State Company for Electrical Industries
    56 Sawari State Company
    57 Nasr Company for Mechanical Industries
    58 Wasit for Textile Industries
    59 Al Rasheed
    60 General Company for engineering outsourcing
    61 Radwan
    62 Spring Co.
    63 Bader
    64 Tabuk
    65 Nahrawan
    66 Urban public
    67 Company Uqba
    68 Company Geber
    69 Salahuddin
    70 Canadian General
    71 Dignity

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