Parliament: reducing the salaries of members of the House and put in a corner to secure the borrowing requirements of living
On: Tue 12/13/2011 1:31

Baghdad: Ahmed Naseer
A member of parliament from the Iraqi List, Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri to reduce the salaries of members of Parliament and put in a bind to borrow money to secure the requirements of our living and our expenses monthly many. Jubouri said in an interview (the citizen), some push to be a member of the Iraqi Parliament in this session specifically, the weak position of the material terms. and have already voted in the Iraqi Council of Representatives August 15 / August a bill reducing the salaries and allowances of the Republic and the presidencies of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives between 40 to 80%. The majority voting, and became under the reduction, the salaries of each of the three presidencies 12 million Iraqi dinars, while now pay the minister and MP 8 million dinars / $ 6500 U.S.. Ahmed Abdullah Jibouri noted that the salary of the Parliamentary now 8 million dinars / $ 6500 U.S. per month, and to act accordingly in his work and his life and living like a minister live and eat and wear and spend as minister and deal with people and honors and helps those in need all this salary, stressing that the majority of House members were forced to borrow money, because their social status was severely affected after the reduction, every deputy has more than one site for housing and guests and offices to work, and several wheels and protections, and this salary is not enough for all these expenses, "he said. admitted Jubouri" that he apply for a cash advance under better living situation, while the official rank of director general receives five million added by the disbursements Alaivadat and disbursements for all expenses and expenses to protect paid from the budget of his ministry unlike parliamentary borne personally, but he returned and that the members of parliament and agreed to the reduction of public interest, even if we wanted to self-interest to reject the law as it rejected the previous parliament. "media advisor to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi previously and in statements to the media earlier, and on the the adequacy of the salary of the Prime Minister to spend all its obligations and personal humanity, "the only thing that will be affected by the social benefits, where the House of Representatives decided cancel allocations in full, and the subject of a port legal to fill this section is important also due to the House of Representatives is who decides to find an alternative mechanism."and that Prime Minister had previously waived half the salary of the State budget, and after that the approved reduction decreased the salary total for less than 12 million dinars much. According to informed sources revealed that the volume of social benefits that were allocated to each of the Vice-President of the Republic of the three of eighteen million dollars a year, or The equivalent of twenty-one billion Iraqi dinars., that these benefits have been canceled in adopting the 2011 budget. " .
For his part, member of the parliamentary economic committee and a representative block of Abdel-Hussein Abtan that the amount of ten million I find quite enough and more than enough for members of Parliament, and the obligations of deputy is greater than the chief executive officer because the latter has a wider range of available appropriations and his ministry, the social benefits or reward the employee industrious, but in general the salary that was enough and we hope reduced to less than the current amount but objections from some prevented that. "According to parliamentary sources, Members of Parliament are divided into two categories, the first section on the permanent source of friction with the public and attending rituals, and provide assistance to them, and travels to the provinces and donated to humanitarian actors organizations and other support chip poor, this class is not enough for him not ten million or twenty million, either the second category is living inside the Green Zone do not know where is the parliament and the house and this class enough salary. "financial sources indicated that the allocations of the three presidencies since 2006 and until 2011 and Baktaiha investment and employment reached nearly $ 11 billion.