Anbara official calls on the government to put the field Alkhsfah gas and oil investment
12/12/2011 18:04

Orr News
Meanwhile, deputy head of the Anbar province Saadoun Obeid al-Shaalan, the government to put the field Alkhsfah gas and oil exploration, which was near the Iraqi border with Jordan to invest.
He said: "The ad hoc committee was formed by the Board of Anbar province, the checks in the field of Alkhsfah gas oil to study the possibility of investment and the result was positive, and we call upon the Iraqi government to introduce this field and other fields in the future projects of the province and put the field Khosfah for investment."
He said Shaalan said: "field Alkhsfah gas oil where a large stock of natural gas and crude oil, was discovered in the field the first of its kind in the province of Anbar, after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and we hope that the Iraqi government and the oil ministry to speed up the process to take advantage of the mineral wealth of the enormous rise economic reality and to maintain the service. " He noted that the Anbar province, where a lot of wealth within the various industries, especially oil and gas, sulfur, iron and glass sand pure, but there is clear negligence in the exploitation of these resources as well cause a waste of national wealth.