Iraq officially announced receipt of the Imam Ali Air Base from the U.S. military on Thursday
Monday, 12 January 1 / December 2011 22:54

[Baghdad - where]
The Iraqi government announced today that it will receive an official Imam Ali Air Base in Dhi Qar province from the U.S. military, on Thursday.

A member of the State Committee for receipt of military positions of the U.S. forces Ahmed Hehani, in a press statement, said that next Thursday will see the delivery of the base of Imam Ali to the Iraqi side, to be the U.S. military that have withdrawn from all the cities of southern Iraq with the exception of Activity few in a small base in Basra. He pointed out that the base of the Imam Ali is one of three military bases the U.S. military is still stationed so far after pulling of 502 military bases throughout Iraq. And between the U.S. forces from Iraq will come out once in the 20 of December and the current Iraq will be announced later completely cured of any U.S. military presence.

The U.S. soldiers at the base of these days, their luggage and equipment firmly in the last step to leave Iraq to Kuwait, where the rear base for the U.S. military He had been held in Nasiriyah last week, a security conference attended by Vice President Hassan Sinead, the security committee in Parliament. Were discussed security preparations after the withdrawal of U.S. military air base of the Imam Ali, which will be the last base receives the Iraqi side of the Americans, as a conduit for U.S. troops during the withdrawal. " Were discussed during the conference to secure protection for the retreating forces.