Kurdish lawmaker criticized the initiative of the chest in the signing of the Charter of the honor of "National" between the blocks and confirms that the crisis is more difficult
Sunday, 11 January 1 / December 2011 13:39

[Baghdad - where]
Criticized the deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance initiative cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the signing of the Charter of honor between the political blocs after the U.S. withdrawal.

The MP said Mahmoud Othman told all of Iraq [where] that "what was announced by Sadr's intention to launch the initiative of the signing of the Charter of the honor of" national "will not solve the political crisis and the differences and the outstanding issues between the blocks after the U.S. withdrawal, despite the hope that the check because the political scene in Iraq is complex and thorny because of the intersection of interests and views, including on some files. "
He added that "if the masses do not agree and there is sincerity in resolving their differences and sit at one table can not be out of the crises experienced by the country in other ways, because the crisis is difficult and more than that."

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has called on the forces and political parties to sign a code of honor "national" after the U.S. withdrawal.
A spokesman for the Sadrist movement, Salah al-Obeidi said in a statement received by the agency [where] a copy of, "Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr calls for Iraqi parties political, social and Alalmaúah and clan to sign a code of honor and national have the new page to Iraq after the withdrawal of occupation forces from the country and calls for dialogue and Altasalm and compatibility of building the new Iraq. "
"The figures many will travel from the Sadr office in Najaf and the mass of free parliamentary to those parties for the delivery of the details of this project and its importance to participate in and learn the views of other parties about it and what the points contained in the draft Charter and all other details related to it and the promise and those who will be Referrals to be announced soon in the news conference, "adding that" the paragraphs of the draft charter will be subject to discussion and dialogue with other parties for up to one conclusion which is the signing of this Charter and the commitment to it.
As suggested Liberal MP for the mass of the parliamentary league Maha View the code of honor called by the national leader Moqtada al-Sadr, the Sadr movement to a popular referendum.
The political scene wide differences between the political blocs, particularly between the State of Law coalition and the Iraqi List, with the imminent departure of U.S. troops from the country end of the year.
Some politicians are alerted with the collapse of the political process in the country because of the large differences between the political blocs on the number of subjects, with Some argue that these conflicts adversely affect the performance of government to provide services to the Iraqi people