September 28, 2011


Iraqi president calls for return to the former Integrity Commission office

Called the Iraqi List, Wednesday, the House of Representatives re-former chief judge of integrity Ugaili merciful to his post, pointing out that the government is not serious in fighting corruption in government departments and institutions.

The Chairman of the Integrity Commission Judge Rahim Ugaili announced his resignation on the eighth of September now, because of what he described as pressure from political parties are trying to cover up the embezzlement of state funds, while Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on 11 September, agreed to the resignation of Ugaili from office.

The MP said the coalition of the center cluster were part of the Iraqi List, and Walid Mohammadi in an interview with "Twilight News", "after the parliament's approval of the law of the integrity and independence of the administrative, financial and linked to it, so should the Council to speed up the nomination of the President of the Commission," and urged to "re-President of the Commission on Public Integrity Previous to his position. "

The independent MP Sabah al-Saadi, has revealed that the reasons for the resignation of the President of the Integrity Commission Rahim Ugaili came after the request for the ruling party from opening files corruption fabricated against Chalabi and Bolani, while critical of the parliament to make the government controls the independent bodies.

The Mohammedan that "Ugaili exposed himself to sack defense of his doctrine in the fight against corruption and the corrupt, and the Council of Representatives must stand honored for this man and bring him back to office," he said, adding that "there are many parties in the House of Representatives seeking to re-Ugaili to office."

The House voted on the proposed law Integrity Commission submitted by the committees of integrity and legal in order to organize the work of the Integrity Commission and the statement of jurisdiction, functions and powers that enable them to perform these tasks in order to raise the level of integrity and the preservation of public money and the fight against corruption and regulate the relationship between them and other oversight bodies. and MP for the Iraqi List, that Government is no longer serious in the fight against rampant corruption in the state and its institutions and the Council of Representatives must have a role in this regard.

The most prominent states in the law of the cruise is: allocation mechanism for the selection head of where the exclusive formation of the Council of Representatives for a committee comprised of 9 members of the Integrity Commission and legal choice of three candidates for the position of Chairman of the Commission, as well as the creation of three directorates new: Department of recovery and the Department of Research, studies and academic Iraqi anti-corruption, and create the post of second vice-chairman of the campaign first university degree in disciplines educational or media related to its Department of Education and Public Relations and the Department of Relations with non-governmental organizations, as well as giving workers in the additional appropriation.