Date: Sunday 11-12-2011 12: 19 pm

Baghdad (newsletter). Outweighed Financial Committee member and Deputy/National Alliance Haitham Al-Juburi is equal to saraldinaralaraki/before dollar during the next biennium following implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency.
He said Al-Juburi told the reporter (News Agency news) Sunday: go by the Central Bank of Iraq to the retention rate of aldinaramam dollars for the current period, this indicator show that the monetary policy in Iraq is able to make the Iraqi dinar equivalent of US dollar the dinar the unique offset by $ 1.
He noted: this keep was by selling large amounts of dollar at auction and others to pump Iraqi banks to control the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
Jaburi added: the next biennium will see another directed at the Central Bank to make the Iraqi dinar is equal to the dollar through injections so the dollar and sold at auction add to the draft deleted alasavaralthlath of Iraqi currency because it makes the size of the Iraqi currency, continued us bkodralamlh: waltagralaraki citizen therefore does not need that money to buy the dollar on switches a commodity or a car or sales, saying the draft deleted alasavaralthlath currency "exists" and issued its decision irrevocable párvulos started and will be implemented during the next biennium From now on.
And standing member of the Finance Committee that the Central Bank of Iraq will continue its policy of supporting the Iraqi dinar, expected next year will keep Iraqi dinars to the dollar the American conservative for its price.
Earlier, parliamentary and financial adawallgnh on MP/Kurdistan Alliance/Risalat Najib saraldinaralaraki increase to USD over the next year as a result of the Iraqi economy remains dependent on oil revenues annually.
Najib said in a statement earlier (News News Agency): I expect during the year (2012) to keep the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar price is not worth the fact that Iraq continues its unilateral supported on oil revenues.
Najib said: If the Federal Government and the Iraqi State that makes a strong Iraqi dinar in the direction of foreign currency, it should consider how to strengthen the Iraqi economy and diversity through the activation of all economic sectors in the country./finished/8 n. p.