Posted 11/12/2011 09:44 AM

BAGHDAD - Babinaoz (Reuters) - Squadron source close to the Parliamentary Committee on select members of the Electoral Commission for elections that provide for the membership of nearly 8 thousand advanced that there is great convergence between the international team partner in the process of selection of CVs of the applicants and some members of the Committee. He told the " the future of Iraq, "that there are side agreements under the auspices of an American is a violation of the selection of new commissioners to the Commission, which will hopefully be set up on the grounds that go beyond the mistakes of the previous period. The source said that there are inaccuracies in reading all the files received from the applicants, and that there is a trade-off between the categories of Many do not represent the reality and the non-standard, and the patronage clientelism had a role in bringing and keeping the files that were submitted to the Committee. and questioned the source of the selection process because it is not a public or open to the media, as it closed on a special committee of parliamentarians and their partners from the experts from the United Nations, Although this stage is one of the most important stages of the establishment of democracy, and that the United Nations and the Government scrutiny and try to keep it away from any form of corruption or favoritism to ensure the Commission to find a fair and transparent elections.