Abbas Al-Bayati: remaining US forces until now less than 5 000 troops and camps
Date: Sunday 11-12-2011 01: 08 pm

Baghdad (newsletter).Member of the parliamentary defence and Security Committee/walnaeban/National Alliance, that Abbas Al-Bayati remaining US forces so far, less than 5 000 troops and two only, on their way to leave the country.
Al-Bayati said in a statement (for the news agency of news) Sunday: the defense and Security Committee closely monitored through a small Committee formed to monitor the withdrawal of US forces, pointing out: usability and work flow that make sure through reports on pullback agreement implemented all provisions without difference in any one of them, and that the parties are determined to end the military presence in the coming days.
He is a member of the Commission on security and defence: the remainder so far US forces camps and less than (5) and thousands of US troops on their way to leave the country, and that the Commission steps that withdrawal confirmed mini us walk on smoothly and there are constraints on aaya and sleek desk stand in the implementation of the provisions of the Convention.
Earlier, the President of the parliamentary defence and Security Committee and the National Alliance Deputy//Hasan Al-Sunaid to the Iraqi Government does not feel clear there is a risk of political anhiaralamlet and especially after the US withdrawal.
He earlier told Al-Sunaid (News): alaatbarwalahtmam speculate with top Government to the situation in Iraq in General and particularly political for the period beyond the US withdrawal, saying there was no need for mobilization of US troops in the Gulf region if it is to preserve and support of the political process, a stable political process.
The Chairman of the Commission on security and defence: differences and intersections that occur between the period and the other between the political blocs parent did not affect the survival of the political process but is a type of competition and lead to the collapse of the political process in the country.
And Iraq and the United States signed, during 2008, alataralastratiget Convention to support Iraqi ministries and agencies in the transition from strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic and diplomatic, cultural and security, based on the strategic framework agreement and reducing the number of provincial reconstruction teams, as well as the tovirmhmh sustainable rule of law, including the programme of ttoiralsharth and coordination and supervision of waltkrirlsandok Iraq relief and reconstruction.
Under the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington at the end of November of the year 2008 should withdraw all US forces from all the lands and waters and airspace of Iraq in no later than 31 December next year 2011, u.s. fighter forces withdrew under the Convention of towns, villages and townships in 30 June 2009./finished/7 y. n/