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Thread: Can't get into chat - Should be all better now - mona :)

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    just tried and still cant get in

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    ATTENTION !! Trouble Logging into Chat !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-28-2013 12:28 PM

    if you can long into the forum, but not chat, please contact a mod by private notification.

    Bgg is still working on getting everyone back into chat.

    Thanks, double b

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    oh the day is about gone and still no chatroom for me....ouch...just the chat log but thank you for that

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    Trying to log in I get a message that the site Certificate has expired and if I continue, my entire computer would be vulnerable. Any thoughts? btw, same info comes up when I try to enter Intel4u. Thanks for your help.

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    Hey there SCOTZGIRL!

    Sometimes this is a date/time issue. Click on the computer's clock/time to open and make changes (look at bottom right corner of screen on a pc). Set them to correct date/time and try to login the site again.

    If that doesn't resolve the certificate issue please let me know.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    As I'm typing this, my computer time is 2:13 pm on 3/19/13. What else should I try?

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    I'm still researching it myself ... will get back to you when I find something. I'm just googling the error message if you want to try that too.

    If you find something that works please post it here for others who may experience the same problem.


    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Here some results from google search:

    Expired SSL Certificate Implications

    What are the security implications of an expired SSL certificate? For example if an SSL certificate from a trusted CA has expired will the communication channel continue to remain secure?

    ssl certificates public-key-infrastructure certificate-authority
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    Thomas Pornin
    asked Oct 26 '11 at 10:09

    Imran Azad
    Are you talking about a certificate for a server you own, or for other servers in general? The expiration does not necessarily mean the certificate is not secure anymore, but you should not trust it to be secure. ephrack Oct 26 '11 at 10:51

    In a practical sense, I would look at the expiration date. If the date is only a few days past expired, then I, personally, would trust it.

    However, certs that are years past the expiration date could've been compromised and should not be trusted. (In fact, if a site you often use comes up suddenly comes up with a cert that's been expired for quite a long time, then thats a pretty red flag.)

    IE- If the the cert expired yesterday, the connection is really no less secure than it was yesterday. It doesn't automatically become insecure once the expiration date has passed.

    You do, however, have to draw the line somewhere... and that's what the expiration date is for.

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    Receive error "Security Certificate Has Expired"

    The error "The Security Certificate has Expired" means that you are trying to view a secure website (such as email, banking, investments, etc), but the certificate that was assigned to the website is out of date, so you can not proceed.

    This error is usually caused by one of three problems:

    The time and date on your computer is not set correctly:
    Verify that your time and date are set correctly. Double click on the Clock to set the correct information.
    Bad saved certificate:
    If the problem is only happening on one website, you may have a bad saved certificate. In Internet Explorer, you can remove certificates from particular websites by going to Tools/Internet Options, then under the Content Tab, click the Certificates button.
    Try another web browser
    There may be a problem with the way your web browser handles https: websites. Old web browsers (Internet Explorer 5, Firefox 1.x, etc) may experience issues like this. Upgrade your web browser to the latest version.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    l cannt get into chat room

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