Iraqi List MP calls for international community to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Published Date: December 10, 2011
Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Saturday 10 December 2011
Calls for a representative of the international community to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Called the Iraqi List MP Hussein al-Shaalan said Saturday the international community to help Iraq out of Chapter VII.

In a statement to al-Shaalan told the public (and babysit) considered the continuation of Iraq under Chapter VII, “the terrible punishments that do not have to get rid of them.” Shaalan counting a Chapter VII the most important disadvantages that are harmful to the interests of the Iraqi people.
For its part, accused the Iraqi List MP for the American League Atab destruction of infrastructure in Iraq and breaking all the promises that they declared before the occupation, “urging them to adhere to the most important, he promised to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.The league said the completion of a U.S. pullout is imminent, and Washington should work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII to regain his strength and leadership on the surrounding Arab and regional levels. “
The league called “the Arab League to intervene immediately to remove Iraq from Chapter VII as responsible to settle all the issues faced by Arab countries, including Iraq, wealth looted and destroyed because of the harsh provisions of Chapter VII.”