State Law: Iraqi Arab told that Iraq is unable to host the summit
10/12/2011 11:39

Baghdad, December 10 (Rn) - a coalition of state law, the Sabbath, that the Iraqi List, headed by Iyad Allawi tried Affhmam Nabil el-Arabi that Iraq is not able to host the summit on the back of his position on Syria and Bahrain.

The leader of the coalition, Kamal Saadi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Iraqi List, I tried to convince the Secretary-General of the Arab League not to Iraq's ability to host the Arab summit due to its political position of Bahrain and Syria."

He concluded by saying that the Iraqi List, does not want the establishment of the Arab summit "because it is the achievement of the Maliki government" and not for Iraq.

For his part, expressed his Iraqi List MP for the fear of failure to attend some of the countries of the Arab summit as a result of Iraq's position on some political issues.

Said Nabil Jerbo (Rn) "We support the establishment of the Arab summit in Baghdad, but we hope that we are to persuade some countries hard-line attitudes toward Iraq to come."
He denied offering the Iraqi "to any concerns in front of the Arab" from the failure of the presence of Arab leaders to Baghdad.

The Arab foreign ministers have decided to postpone the Baghdad summit, which was scheduled in the month of January of this year to the month of March of 2012 because of the events of the Arab spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and then the rest of the Arab countries.
The coalition in Iraq, has criticized the government's position and some of the main forces in the House of Representatives of the events of Bahrain as a step contributing to tension the relationship between Iraq and the Gulf and Arab world.

The Iraqi government has confirmed that Iraq's failure to vote in favor of the Arab League's decision to suspend the membership of Damascus did not come in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but came from the conviction that the resolution does not serve the interests of the Syrian people.

Iraq objected to the decision to suspend the membership of the League of Arab Syria, did not vote for him, political analysts were of the view that the positive position of Iraq from the Syrian regime came against the backdrop of pressures exerted on the Tehran government in Baghdad to secure the continued support of Hezbollah.

Iraq has hosted the Arab summit twice, in convening the Arab summit, ninth in 1978 and to decide which county companies and institutions operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel, and not to approve the Camp David, as well as the convening of the summit of the 12 in 1990, which witnessed a severe tensions between Iraq and the State of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates launched its impact on America's war on Iraq, the alliance included 30 nations in the middle of January, 1991.