Iraq must contact Kuwait to exit Chapter VII: Khedher
Published Date: December 10, 2011
By A Saleh, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: An Iraqi political movement recently urged the Iraqi government to contact Kuwait and members of the UN in an attempt to get Iraq out of the UN's charter chapter VII. The Iraqi Accord Movement member and MP, Abdul Khedher Taher said that Iraq must seize all possible opportunities to get out of chapter seven by contacting Kuwait and other influential UN members to provide assurances that Iraq is leading in a more 'civilized' way. He also urged Iraqi politicians to stop using the seventh chapter as even the mere political slogans they use may mislead public opinion, stressing that "It's everybody's responsibility.

Taher also said that Iraqi speaker of the house, Osama Al-Nujaifi, had suggested holding a meeting with the four major regional countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Iraq. He also suggested a discussion about the Syrian issue with the Arab League's secretary general, Nabil Al-Arabi, during his visit to Baghdad.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi List advisor, Hani Ashour stressed that unless US troops left Iraq completely by the end of the year, as agreed upon in 2008, Iraq will never have full sovereignty and, thus, will never get out of chapter seven.

In other news, Kuwait's ambassador to Jordan, Dr Hamad Al-Duaij, said that a committee from the Ministry of Education was scheduled to visit Jordan soon to select English, math, physics, communication, electronics and decoration teachers to work in various public schools. In addition, Al-Duaij said that another committee from the National Guard would also visit Jordan to interview engineers specialized in IT.