Streaming Updates Call w/Poppy3 & BGG - Saturday, FEB 23, 2013
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Thread: Streaming Updates Call w/Poppy3 & BGG - Saturday, FEB 23, 2013

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    Streaming Updates Call w/Poppy3 & BGG - Saturday, FEB 23, 2013

    Streaming Updates Call
    with BGG and Poppy
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    February 23, 2013 Transcript of Straight Talk Radio Call

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    BGG – Thanks everybody for joining us on Straight Talk Radio. This is Saturday, the 23rd. This is BGG and real quick I want to thank all of our mods for all of their support. Poppy for his incredible support. I thank Dinar Corp for being our flagship advertiser and at this point I’m going to tap out. We narrowly avoided not even having this call, but poppy stepped up here and got some good information and I am done here. I am just so sick, got a cough and this cold won’t let me go. I’m going to bow out for now. Thanks so much everybody. Appreciate you and we’ll talk soon.

    POPPY – Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the call today, the Straight Talk Radio call. I’m going to go over a few things. Before I get started here, I want to have a word of prayer and we’ve got several people that want to, we’ve got to lift up here. We know the good Lord’s been listening to us. There’s been some healing so let’s just go do that right now. Father God, I come to you today. I praise you Father. I give you honor and glory in everything that we do Father. Father I just praise you and I honor you and Father we have those that are sick and shut in today Father. I pray that you keep your healing hand upon them Father. We pray for BGG and for love it 2 and all the others that we’ve been mentioning. The list is extremely long right now and Father I just lift them up to you. I ask you Father to give the doctors wisdom, skills, abilities, capabilities above their natural abilities Father. And that that super natural help take over and to heal them one and all to full complete restoration Father to their health Father and do it in a very fast way. We thank you father for that blessing that you give us. We thank you Father for the position that you have us in to prosper us in the near future Father. We just pray Father that you keep your hand upon our leadership and upon Iraq’s leadership and everybody that is involved in this in our government Father. I just pray that our leadership will have some sense about them and make good decisions to help this country and help one and all that are in this country. All of our citizens Father. We pray Father that the Iraqi people that their leadership gives them things that they need Father. And puts things in place and they get their government and their country stabilized Father and it becomes the great nation that it is destined to be Father. I thank you Father for all that you do and praise you and honor you and give you the glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that takes care of that. Now we’ve got a little bit of dinar news and I will bring you up to date by saying this. As you know I started saying last week when they said we had a delegation going to Iraq that all would stop. I think they postponed now four or five times, the vote on the budget. They postponed parliament. They put it off, put it off, put it off and as I said before, they will not have any meeting while our people are there. I’ve been watching this thing for five years plus and for four years plus I have watched this same thing happen. When we have a delegation that’s supposed to give them any advice or going over there with the pretense that they’re going over there to solve their crisis, they can’t solve ours, how are they going to solve theirs. They go over there, a lot of times unannounced and they have said, it’s obvious and rightfully so that the leadership of Iraq regardless of how corrupt and all that we feel they are, they are not going to look like or be considered, what do you call it, a preconceived, the United States or any other outside government, for that matter, influence them to make any decisions that they’re making. They don’t want their public and their people thinking that they did something because the US said to do it. Or because any other outside entity said to do it. They want to operate their own government. Yes, they’re struggling at it. Yes, they’re arguing. Yes, they’re fighting. They’ve been doing that for four hundred years. So that is going to be their mode of operation. However, they have made progress, are making progress on a daily basis. Now, the things that they’re pushing that are happening right now, we’ve got several people we know that Turki was turned down as far as them as the IMF saying that they would not work with him. Has that changed? I haven’t heard anything to the opposite of that. He has been making decisions and has been standing in and been the person that they’ve been going to. Now about the CBI. What part of that that he was relieved of, we just don’t know. I feel like we know but until the information becomes clear about his status and just whether he’s working just doing the day to day operations for the CBI or whether he is actually acting and I think he is acting as the CBI director, but that’s what they called it as well in two articles that he was the acting leader of the CBI. So let’s let that play out. Let’s give that a few more days to see if anything changes and we actually see him placed in that position. We do know that Dr. Shabbibi is still working with IMF and as far as I’m concerned and it appears from all the information that he is still in charge of anything international and building the status of the CBI within the IMF. That’s the strong point and that is the position that he needs to be in. I think if things change in the leadership once Maliki is nullified, I think you’ll see Dr. Shabbibi, if he wants to, be reinstated back as Central Bank Governor in Iraq. Now a couple of articles that I want to bring to light today. One just come out that Iraq is losing twenty seven million dollars a day due to the late adoption of the budget. Politicians to resume the budget debate on Monday is the headline. Well, if our delegation is gone, then that’ll be great. They may vote on it. But this is my opinion, I’ve got to say this is poppy’s opinion. This is what I’m saying because of what I’ve seen them do for all these years is they will not have a vote and they will be postponed until our people are gone. They’re just not going to do it. I’m sorry. But they’re losing twenty seven million a day due to late adoption of the budget. This was announced today and the differences between the blocks postponed approval until next Monday decided presidency of the council representative to postpone the hearing council special budget to Monday because the contentious points on and around them in time said the national alliance that Iraq is losing daily twenty seven million due to delayed adoption of the budget so far. That’s a lot of money to be losing on a daily basis. Does that show you that they’re not going to do anything until our people are gone? That’s exactly what it shows me. I mean, at the cost of twenty seven million a day because of their attitude towards us that they’re taking that loss? That just doesn’t add up to me, but I don’t think it’s because of differences between them that they keep saying. I think it’s truly because our people are there. That may sound crazy to some of you, but I’m telling you, I’ve watched it and watched it and watched it and that’s my personal opinion that that’s what the problem is. That budget has been over and over and over and over and they’ve read it and read it and read it and there’s not been any dispute. How many times have you seen articles that they’ve agreed, they’ve agreed, they’ve agreed? A hundred percent agreement and yet they turn around and all of a sudden there’s issues again. No, I don’t believe that. I believe they put it off simply because we’re interfering. Keep that in mind, that’s just poppy’s opinion. I will be glad to be wrong. I’ll put it that way, I’ll shout it from the rooftops. I was wrong. They did something. Next thing, like we talked about, of course, some of the members of parliament are actually asking Turki to step down as the interim CBI governor. There is dissension among them about his position. I think there’s a lot of uncertainty pointed at Turki right now and like I say, I think we should wait and give that another day or two and see what comes of that situation. I don’t think there’s anything definite that any of us can say today about his position. Let’s give that a day or two. The other thing, I wanted to give to you two good, now I’m going to call these rumors, but this is solid. I’m telling you it came from a gentleman that is visiting here in the United States right now. He visited a very good friend of mine. A good source of mine and I’m going to give you a little bit of what he told him. He had just left from the Middle East. He’d been in several countries in the Middle East. He had come right through Bagdad. Talked with people that he is associated with there and this is a very well to do person. He didn’t talk to people on the street. I’m sure he talked to dignitaries of some kind that he is affiliated with because this guy is rich, rich, rich. I’ll put it that way. He indicated that he couldn’t give any kind of time or date, but he said he was amazed at what had taken place. He hadn’t been in Bagdad in two years. He said he was amazed at how they built all these new or refurbished all these old buildings that had been bombed out. He said it’s a modern, up to date beautiful city in downtown Bagdad. It’s a great place as far as facilities and all and that he said not to worry that you need to relax about the dinar. I know he holds tons and tons of dinar. He told the friend of mine, he said, just relax, it’s going to happen here. He said the people in Iraq are preparing for it to happen and he said it’s going to take maybe another week or so, but he said we are in a great situation right now. So that, to me, gave me a lot of confidence. Also got another contact that said of this past Friday, yesterday, no I take that back, it was Thursday that they announced in Kuwait that the banks started telling people they will no longer sell dinar. Iraqi dinar. So that is something that is also being said and that’s any denomination. You know reported about three weeks ago that they had quit selling twenty five thousand notes because they couldn’t get them. Well now and in fact they did get some since then and sold those and now have none of those. But they’re not selling any denomination of dinar in Kuwait, report direct form the banks there. That was from two different banks that had shared that information that one of the other gentlemen that we have contact with there that they had told him. They will not sell any more Iraqi dinar. Don’t know why. Don’t know whether that’s actually something that is going to benefit us or pointing in that direction. It’s totally unknown at this point. So just put it in your hat that that’s a possibility that is something that could show indication that we’re going to see something here pretty soon. That’s pretty much it on the dinar front. Everything has pretty much been at a standstill. Like I say, they’re not going to vote on anything. They’re not going to pass anything. They’re not going to have any kind of meeting and discuss anything openly as long as our people are there. If you notice, I started saying this last week when it was reported we had a delegation on their way over there, I think it was Thursday a week ago and I said everything is going to stop. Guess what? Everything stopped. They have done nothing. They haven’t had any meetings. They postponed everything since that period of time. Now when our group is going to leave, I got phone calls in to people that will give me that information as soon as they get it. As soon as it can be passed on. I know there’s other people that are working on that same thing and going to keep us updated on that as to when they’re leaving or when they’ve arrived back home. At that time, I think we will see big movement. I mean, it’s costing them twenty seven million dollars a day. I don’t think they will wait once our group is gone. I don’t think they will put it off. I think they will get busy and we will see movement in several different areas. I want everybody to relax, enjoy the day, enjoy the next few days, love on your family, be happy. Find something that makes you happy one way or the other and enjoy your life. This thing is like in your mama’s rocking chair right now and it’s going to wake up here real soon and it’s going to be some exciting times. The other thing I promised and we haven’t had a call. BGG has been sick and I’ve had problems with my son. I want to thank everybody for the prayers for my son, myself and my wife. All three of us have had different situations here recently. I’ve got to go tomorrow and have some more tests done and everything has been looking good. I’m feeling good now, finally got some rest and feeling much better. My son’s situation has improved, however, we still don’t know what’s causing the problem and it keeps us a little uneasy because that problem can arise again in a matter of a couple of hours. Just keep lifting Brian up. I appreciate each and every one of you. I know we’ve got a great praying group of Christian people and I’m so proud to be a part of, the crew, the mods and BGG. Everybody that we work with is just awesome and I thank each and every one of you. Now, two weeks ago I gave you the talk and information about the nonprofit organization information. How to raise funds. Well, it’s awesome information, like I told you before, we raised over half a million dollars in seven months. We almost had it set up where it was going to be automatic and just keep going like that. It’s something that can work, but you have to work it. It’s not something you can set up on the couch and see happen. You have to put forth that effort. For those of you, if you not interested in the nonprofit situation or you don’t have a family member that is and you don’t care to listen to this, I’m going to read less than half a page here of the tax code and what it says about the tax code on the call. I’ve given you all the dinar information that I can share at this time. If something new comes up we will both, me, BGG, someone will be posting on the chat room and we’ll get the information to you or we’ll have an emergency call, but we’ll get the information to you if anything significant happens within the dinar world. For those on the nonprofit situation, I’m going to read this to you. You might want to have a pencil and paper. I’m going to give you the page and where the tax code is, what section it’s in the IRS codes, but this is a copy of what it says and I’ll give you that about half way through my little read here. Bear with me. It says donation of inventory type property. If a corporation other than an S Corporation makes a gift of inventory, property held for sale to customers in the ordinary course of their business or depreciable or real property used in the trade or business, it may, if certain conditions are met, I’ll give you the conditions here in just a second, deducted spaces for the property plus one half of the properties unrealized appreciation. The deduction may not exceed twice the basis of the property. Now here’s the tax code. It’s code section 170 E 3. That’s the code or that’s where the code is located. No deduction is allowed for part of any appreciation that would be ordinary income resulting from recapture. To qualify, the gift must be made to a qualified public charity or private operation, operating foundation I should say and the done use of the property must be for the care of infants or the ill or any needy people. That’s everybody. Says this last revision in the tax law could allow for a corporation to deduct twice the cost of the basic inventory donated to a charity, thus resulting in a tremendous tax advantage to the donor. I would recommend that all potential donors discuss their specific situation with their tax consultant. Now, that’s exactly how it reads. You know, I told you that a corporation that donates property or anything that they real property or property that they have, inventory, to a nonprofit organization. This is scratch and dent stuff, it’s discontinued stuff, it’s store closing merchandise. I mean there’s an array where they come up with this material. But they can donate that to your nonprofit organization and then they can take half of not only just what they paid for it, in other words, I’ll use the same example I used before. If they paid one hundred thousand dollars for it and the retail value of it is say two hundred thousand dollars, then they can take half of the unrealized profits or in other words, an extra fifty thousand dollars to give them a hundred fifty thousand dollar tax write off, but here’s the big kicker, here’s where it really adds to their bottom line, they don’t have to take it this quarter or lose it, they can take it, any amount of it as it best benefits their tax situation, every quarter or all in one quarter, makes no difference, but they have up to sixty months, five full years to use that as it best benefits their tax structure. It’s just like adding the money to their bottom line profits ladies and gentlemen and it’s powerful. I went to several major corporations and when I read that to them and got their tax person involved and they did the research on it. I never, not one time had any corporation turn me down. Every one of them donated and most of them donated tractor trailer loads that we turned around and auctioned off in our warehouse here in Tennessee. Well’ ladies and gentlemen, I hope you written down, for those who may have missed that code, I’m going to read it one more time. That’s code section 170, E as in Elizabeth, three. That ladies and gentlemen, you can get your accountant or whatever, but what I read to you is what it says in that code section, but that gives you the information to back you what you’re doing. At this time, I want to go back to the Lord in prayer and close out here. I want to thank each and every one of you for tuning in. This is just a short update. We will be working on more dinar information as fast as we can, try to get some more solid stuff that we can bring you. If I hear anything about when our delegation is coming back or have come back, then I will let you know as soon as I find out anything and ask all of you to keep a smile on your face because we’re fixing to be blessed beyond our belief and we’re closer every day than we were the day before. Keep that in mind. We’re getting there. It may seem slow to us, but really this has been a fast investment, even though I’ve been in this for years, I’ve been in other things that’s been up and down and up and down and up and down and one day I’m making money, the next day I’ve lost money. Next day I’ve made a bunch of money, next day I’ve lost money and all of you probably know what that’s about and I’ve lived through that for years and years and years. I’m an old geezer with a young attitude. I tell all of you that we’re in a great place and in the best investment that I’ve ever seen in my sixty five year lifetime. It’s exciting, very exciting and we’re at a point right now that makes it even better. So God bless each and every one of you. Father God I come to you today, I ask you Father for everybody in the sound of my voice Father, I just pray that you give them a smile on their face, that you make their family and their day to day for the next week Father, give them happiness, joy, prosperity in everything that they do Father. I just lift them up to you Father, I know you’re going to bless them. We know they’re going to be blessed Father. Give them wisdom as you said in James 1:5. Father you said if we ask for wisdom you’ll give it to us liberally. Give them wisdom Father to make good decisions in their life with their family, with their kids and their spouses and Father make good decisions in all that they do and Father we just pray blessings upon each and every one of them. We know you’re a giving God. Your grace is so sufficient for each and every one of us Father and that blood that Jesus shed down His back Father and dripped on the ground Father was there for our healing and you told us that if we asked for it we shall get it and Father we just praise you and ask you for the healing of all those that we have remembered on this call Father and for those that are suffering Father, we just lift them up and ask you Father, give them what their needs are Father. Meet their needs. And Father we thank you and we praise you and give you the honor. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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