$930 million trade volume between Iraq and Azerbaijan
09/12/2011 13:24
Baghdad, 9 December / December (Rn) - The Iraqi government said Friday that the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Azerbaijan reached $ 930 million in 2011.
The two countries signed in 2010 a strategic agreement extends for five years, subject to renewal of the bilateral cooperation between them in all fields of economic, cultural and service sectors.

The terms of the agreement within the settlement of payments arising from the trade and working to develop the exchange of goods and services as well as promote mutual relations in the areas of health, agriculture, construction, foreign affairs, education, finance and tourism.

The Economic Adviser in the government peace Quraishi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "the volume of trade with Azerbaijan to $ 930 million in 2011."

Iraq seeks to expand trade with the countries of the world in order to activate the role of foreign companies to implement investment projects in the country during the next phase.
He Quraishi said, "will cost a committee headed by the Minister of Municipalities Mhodr just lift trade with Azerbaijan to two billion dinars during the next year."
The Committee will work to strengthen the companies' access to up to more than 12 companies operating in Azerbaijan in investing in Iraq.