Source: Maliki will give coaches the Americans, partial immunity
Thursday, 08 January 1 / December 2011 12:04

BAGHDAD / With: A source in the prime minister, on Thursday, that Iraq would give partial immunity of foreign coaches are not given the right to perform any military or security to them, indicating that the trainers will be at the disposal of the Iraqi security ministries.
The source told the future, said:
"The upcoming visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Washington during which he will sign an agreement to grant partial immunity for the Americans trained after the completion of the U.S. withdrawal end of the month".
He said: "An agreement signed in Washington between Maliki and the U.S. administration during his visit to the United States this week on the granting of partial immunity to trained Americans," explaining that "partial immunity does not allow any U.S. troops to hold any security or military action in Iraq."
He noted that "if the success of the Convention will be placed at the disposal of foreign trained Iraqi security ministries under the supervision of Alamirkria by the Embassy in Baghdad."