Agreement between Baghdad and Washington to the survival of 3,000 military personnel to protect U.S. airspace
10:19:03 2011-12-07

Al «life» that there is a semi-final agreement between Washington and Baghdad to the survival of 3 thousand U.S. military to protect Iraqi airspace management and air defense system, while the Ministry of Defence announced that the number of American soldiers fell to 9 thousand elements.

Denied, sources close to the government, who asked not to reveal her name and there is no intention to deal with the countries of Persian Gulf to protect the atmosphere after the U.S. withdrawal.

The head of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic Naseer al-Ani said the day before yesterday from Riyadh that the government will sign an agreement with Gulf countries for this purpose. She stressed that «Iraq reach semi-final agreement with the United States to the survival of 3,000 military U.S. after the end of the year».

The sources declined to disclose whether the force of «rapid intervention inserted to protect the embassy and consulates and offices throughout the United States deployed in Iraq. , Saying only that «the mission will be limited to protect the environment and management system, air defense and air navigation».

She added that «the political blocs realize that Iraq is not able to protect the atmosphere changed the position of trainers Americans».

And the disputed areas, sources pointed out that «the Kurds fear Turkish intervention in, or support Ankara some armed groups or extremist parties to change the balance of power in those areas», indicating that «the subject of the deployment of an international or U.S. still remains on the table». And suggested that «the approval of the survival of U.S. forces in those areas to maintain the stability of Iraq».

, The spokesman of the Ministry of Defence military withdrawal of more than 1,500 U.S. military during the past two days », stressing that« the number of U.S. troops in Baghdad who is now 9 thousand soldiers ».