Munir Haddad calls for Kuwait to strengthen the relationship with Baghdad

07/12/2011 16:31:00

The Independent Iraqi News Agency - Kuwait. Called Munir Haddad, chairman of the judges of past discrimination in the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal, and activist in the defense of freedoms and public rights, called on Kuwaitis to overcome the past and what happened from the repercussions of following Saddam's invasion of their country in 1990, and the consolidation of relations with the government of Nuri al-Maliki during the next phase .

The Haddad gave a lecture at the Council (Najla pure), known as the State of Kuwait, and the presence of figures of the ruling Sabah family, in addition to the Minister of Information Dr. Sami half during which he called the brothers in Kuwait last April and crimes of the former regime against Kuwait, and start a new page of bilateral relations between the two countries neighbors and brothers, and the development of cultural and economic exchanges between them, and resolve differences through dialogue.

Stressing the importance of supporting the political process in Iraq, and the peaceful transfer of power through free elections, and noted Haddad to the importance of coordinating efforts with the government of Mr. Maliki to resolve outstanding problems based on the nature of the relationship fraternal and cultural common between Kuwait and Iraq at all levels, pointing to the importance of the visit, which will hopefully be by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the State of Kuwait during the coming period in the promotion and consolidation of fraternal communication between the two countries.

Noteworthy that a row erupted between the two countries during the past months due to the State of Kuwait to the draft Port of Mubarak the Great, who believes the Iraqis that he will suffocate their national economy and harms the interests of vital, and subsequently escalated fever exchanged statements through the media, which quickly Mahdot after intensive contacts between the authorities in Baghdad and Kuwait .