Did you know an eclispe is the 10th? Iraq and the signs in the sky? Hmmmmm
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Thread: Did you know an eclispe is the 10th? Iraq and the signs in the sky? Hmmmmm

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    Did you know an eclispe is the 10th? Iraq and the signs in the sky? Hmmmmm

    Total eclipse of the moon on the tenth of this month, lasts about six hours Since 5 hours 17 minutes

    Agency of Dhi Qar, the news /

    The Center astronomer in Wasit province, on Wednesday, the tenth of the month of December, the current, will see the eclipse in whole of the moon lasts five hours and 56 minutes watching Iraq than three hours and a half and, while stressing that the countries of South America and West Africa will not see the eclipse, confirmed that he would be the last total eclipse witnessed by Iraq until 2015.

    The director of the observatory cactus Astronomical Hassan Alwan cactus in an interview for "Alsumaria News" that "Iraq will witness the eclipse of the moon, next Saturday (10 December, the current) day on the 14th of the month of Muharram are peaked at five o'clock and 32 minutes pm local time to the capital Baghdad, "noting that" this eclipse will be seen in the countries of Asia, Australia and most countries in Europe and North America and East Africa as well as the eastern part of the Arab world. "

    The cactus that "all Iraqi cities, you will see the eclipse directly after sunset," noting that "the countries of South America and West Africa can not see the eclipse while the western part of the Arab world will see the final stages of it."

    He cactus that "when the sun sets in Baghdad at 4:55 minutes will dawn the moon from the eastern horizon in a state of eclipse, so that left only the few of his oath-east (the right side of the moon) illuminated and needs to eleven minutes to enter the phase of the eclipse the total that occur in opened at the fifth and six minutes pm, "pointing out that" the color of the moon will turn in this case to the color dark red will be the peak of the eclipse in at 5:32 minutes at night and then will be the moon orthogonal over the Philippine Sea in southern Japan, specifically south of Tokyo to 1000 km, and will be Moon in Taurus. "

    The cactus that "eclipses the total will continue to be 51 minutes and then begins the moon out of Earth's shadow at 5:57 minutes, will be activated the southern part of the lunar surface (the lower region of it) sunlight again and gradually spread light to the top until the entire surface of the moon due to its color White exit of the moon from the shadow of the Earth and will be at 7:18 minutes at night and will come out of the moon from the area of semi-shade (invisible to the human eye) at 8:30 pm and it ends all stages of the eclipse which have lasted five hours and 56 minutes and the cities of Iraq, I saw stages for three hours and 35 minutes. "

    He pointed cactus that "the early stages of the eclipse and the moon begins to enter the semi-shade in the area at 02:33 pm on Saturday and the entry of the Moon the Earth's shadow at 03:46 pm can not be seen in Iraq because they occur in the daytime before sunset Sunrise and the moon, "noting that" ironically, in this eclipse the moon, which is the Sunrise and Khasv such eclipse occurred in Iraq 22 years ago in the 20 of February of 1989. "

    The Director of the Observatory cactus astronomer that "this type of eclipse will not happen again only in 2032 after 21 years and will be on Sunday 25 April and which marks the 14-month Muharram is also the year 1454 AH," explaining that "the lunar eclipse on Saturday will be the last total eclipse will be seen Iraq will not see total eclipse in Iraq until the year 2015 where the total eclipse will occur at dawn on Monday 28 September. "

    The lunar eclipse occurs when the center of the earth between the sun and the moon and on one straight line, and falls under the earth on the moon while the eclipse occurs when the center of the moon between the sun and the earth, and on one straight line and the moon's shadow falls on the surface of the earth.
    Source: Sumerian News

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    I have been in the RV for 2 yrs and every time an eclipse was pending these posts come up!! So far we are have had no RV during an eclipse. Maybe this time????

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